Hello, welcome to my humble blog~! First and foremost, thank you for clicking on this page to learn more about me~!

Who is Go!JiakHong?

I am Kaerin, a Singaporean who loves to JiakHong a.k.a Travel. This is a bilingual blog to cater for fellow travellers who are like-minded like me.

A new Identity

At the start of  2024, I had a new identity “Singapore Tourist Guide”.  Took the tourist guide course last year to become a licensed tourist guide in Singapore as I wanted to introduce my country and also be able to bring my friends to understand and enjoy their stay in this place that I call home. Is a long and intense course but everything is worth it.

Why the name, Go Jiak Hong?

I believe most Singaporeans or Malaysians will know this word. Jiak Hong (Hokkien), literally translates as “Eat Air” which means travelling. So when people said you go Jiak Hong again ah, means you go travel again.

What type of traveller am I?

I am not a budget traveller or luxury traveller, like spending only $50 a day, this is possible been there and done that before but I am not this kind of person and luxury I am not there yet, however, I do dream of it sometimes~

Simple I am just like you. Yes! You! Sitting at the office desk 9-5 waiting for work to end daily, yearning for the holiday season to come, counting leaves, If it is enough or not? And the answer is, it is never enough. But need to make full use of it, right? Not going to waste my AL lying on the bed doing nothing.

I am not the type of person who tells you that for X days you only need to spend this much, blah blah blah~ but I am here to tell you that spending how much is up to you and what is your focus there are so many things to do, see, eat and play. I believe that most of us travel to rewind ourselves or to learn something new.

Know your budget, and don’t stress over getting the best lowest-priced fare or cheapest accommodation you can get. I do love the cheap and good stuff but let’s be realistic cheap sometimes doesn’t mean is good. And good stuff doesn’t come cheap. And what is more important than that would be to enjoy yourself to the fullest! I can say I am a chill-lax traveller, I do what I love doing.

My travel style?

I do solo backpacking, once a year, for a short period like 4 to 7 days. Most of the time to Japan to hike the mountains (*Nope, not Mt Fuji yet, sorry to disappoint you.) and eat sashimi. Twice a year in a group with 2 to 4 people to Asia or Europe doesn’t like to have too many people in a group. If more than 4 people it is best to join a private tour group, the reason being too many people = too many opinions. It will end up quite bad especially if it is a mixture of my friend’s friend and friend who you are not close with.

My favourite part of travelling?

My favourite part of travel is the pre-trip planning, even though I know most of you will be like?!?! Why? Is so troublesome and stuff… I love to research places of interest, transportation and where to eat. To be honest, planning an itinerary and executing it can be a different thing and that’s the fun of it. Nobody knows what will happen on that day and this adds a little surprise to your trip~
During the trip, I love to go to nature and outskirt places, maybe it is because I am a city person and yearn to get out of the noisy street crowded with people. I am not a shopaholic because I become lethargic and moody quite fast if I am shopping for too long, however, I do shop for a cause which is when I need to buy things for friends or it is necessary.
Or else most of the time I am out walking or heading to my next destination, taking photos, or eating the local delicacy.

What do I hope to provide you with?

Travel essential information, like the tax refund, where to stay, transportation and staying connected. What other things do you think that is important for you to know?
I may not be an expert in all this but I do love to help you with it. Because I understand the frustration of trying to gather, plan, and execute your itinerary, coordination is sometimes the most tiring thing as you can’t please everyone.

Nowadays, there is too much information provided, however, it is quite tough to gauge which of these is reliable and not fake. In this blog, I will try to put down what I think might be useful for you.

Are we alike? If yes, maybe you would enjoy my blog. Ask me any questions, leave me a comment.

I will be more than happy to help you. Even though I might not be the best spokesperson I will do my best to answer your questions.




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  1. zzzisle

    hi Kaerin, you have been to so many parts of japan! so which city in japan do you like most?

    1. Kaerin

      Hi~!~! I like Osaka the most and is still my No.1 place to revisit again~

      1. zzzisle

        yes osaka is an interesting place and osaka castle is beautiful 🙂

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