[Play] Having fun at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

After a hectic trip to Iceland, we decided to have a rest and relaxing trip in Amsterdam. So what are we going to do? First is to fill our stomach and explore the airport. Actually, I didn’t think that the airport would be interesting or fun because of a few days ago when we were here waiting for transit. The airport seems simple and small, maybe we were too early and not much shop was opened yet.

This is the resting lounge inside the departure hall, a great place for reading a book or having a break:

Vlaamse Frites

Was interested in this stall when I was here a few days ago before flying off to Iceland but it was not open yet. And today we are here to eat it. The must eat snacks in Netherlands, Dutch fries, even if you didn’t get a chance to eat it outside,  you can have it here in the airport.

The photo was taken when it was closed:


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 Schiphol, Netherlands

(At Schiphol Plaza, before security)

Opening hours:

Monday- Sunday
10:00 – 21:00



Yum yum~ freshly fried when ordered:

The fries were crunchy and delicious, we love it so much~!

The staff introduce us to the Pikanto Croquette, it was tasty.

Panorama Terrace 

A panorama terrace in Schiphol International airport, which let look over the airfields to see the take-off and landing of the airplanes.


How to get there?

Exit out of the immigration hall, follow the sign when you are out:

Is at the 3rd floor:

Opening Hour:

Cost: Free

Watching planes take off and land at the busy airport:

Fokker Experience

A pristine Fokker 100 aircraft, the iconic aircraft, which was manufactured by Fokker, famed Dutch aviation company. Shown here, that has its interior transformed into a complete aviation experience.

Have a peek in the cockpit:

Learning about the company’s  history:

Here is where our luggage is stored, right below us:

We had a great time here in the airport, and if you are free and not in a rush. Why not spend some time here, looking at the blue sky and maybe having a lunch or dinner at the restaurants here.

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