[Move] Getting bus pass around Nikko, which pass to choose?

Want to get around Nikko? But couldn’t decide which bus pass to get maybe this will be of a help in your planning.

I was actually in a dilemma at first of where I wanted to go. For most of the people, the route they would want to visit is quite easy to guess, which is called the 2 shrines 1 temple tour getting on and off the bus downtown. But if you want to go further down to see the waterfall it would be a little challenging and also time-consuming.

Bus Pass- Nikko

There are 7 types of bus ticket available at their official website, I have a made a table for easy references.

PassCost Valid Date Operates
Yumoto Onsen Free Pass
Adult 3,000Yen
Child 1,500Yen
2 Days All Year Round
Chuzenji Onsen Free Pass
Adult 2,000Yen
Child 1,000Yen
2 DaysAll Year Round
Senjogahara Free Pass
Adult 2,650Yen
Child 1,330Yen
2 DaysAll Year Round
Kirifuri Kogen Free Pass
Adult 1,200Yen
Child 600Yen
2 DaysApril 1 to November 23 every year
Ozasa Bokujo Free Pass
Adult 1,800Yen
Child 900Yen
2 DaysApril 1 to November 23 every year
Kirifuri falls Free Pass
Adult 600Yen
Child 300Yen
1 DayNovember 24 to March 31 every year
World Heritage Tour Ticket
Adult 500Yen
Child 250Yen
1 DayAll Year Round

(Photos took from: Tobu Bus)

To note:

  • There are two “Nishisando” bus stops, one is for the direction of Yumoto Onsen/ Chuzenji Onsen, and the other one is for the World Heritage Sightseeing Bus (Sekai Isan Meguri Bus).
  • Check the bus stop No. specified on the route map on the left and the No. shown on the monitor in the bus.
  • Required time may vary widely depending on the cherry blossom season, Autumn leaves season, etc. due to crowded conditions.

What did I get?

Chuzenji Onsen Free Pass

Where to buy?

Tobu-Nikko Station Tourist Center

Operating Hours:


JR Nikko Station Midori Ticket window

Operating Hours:


At JR Nikko Station, exit the gantry and turn to your right:

Where it covers?


Where to take the bus?

Is right in the front of the station, wait for your bus at 1A:


1B is to Okuhosoo and Kirifuri no taki:

The timetable:

If you are alighting at Tobu Nikko Station, is just across the street:

p1360923 p1360922


It depends on where you want to go, for friends who are interested in the 2 shrines 1 temple tour the World Heritage Tour Ticket will be good enough.

Otherwise, if you would like to visit the waterfall same as me. Just to note that there is 2 waterfall that is within or not far from the station, one of it is the Kirifuri no taki and the other is Kegon waterfall (the one I went). Kurifuri no taki will have to purchase the Kirifuri Falls Free Pass, the bus ride is around 30 minutes to the waterfall. As for the Kegon Waterfall, it will take around 45 minutes to reach.

For more information: Tobu-bus

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