[Buy] Hong Kong- New Town Mall & Argyle Centre (新之城&旺角中心)

This is the place where i usually go, if i need to stock up my clothes and stuffs, is really cheap but is it good? Is up to you to decide.

I always buy in sets as they have already help you to match your clothes and shorts/ pants. I am a very lazy person so is good, that i no need to buy 1 top over here run to another place to get my pants. Is a place where you can get all the things you want in 1 place.



688 Nathan Rd, Mong Kok, Kowloon

How to get there?

Subway/ MTR

Mong Kok (Exit D2)

aryle center.JPG

**Both building is connected

Operating hour:

It depends on individual stalls

What to see/ buy?

Clothes, Accessories, etc..

It will kind of remind you of our Singapore Far East Plaza, where youngster are there to buy the latest fashion clothing which is cheap and pretty.

2 cents opinion:

Is not that easy to find if you are there for the first time, you might miss it as there are so many other things to see.
As is getting more and more well known by tourist is always crowded especially around noon 12:00-15:00 and  at night around 19:00-21:00 ( Personal experience) so for me i will go on weekday and maybe if time allows i will try to get there late noon. If not i will just head down after my lunch or so.





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  1. WanderingSoul

    Thanks for sharing! The buildings are so tall! Do you like to go to malls and just look at things without buying them (window shop)? That’s what I do for fun :).

    1. Kaerin

      Your welcome. Yes, is a combination of office building and shopping complex. The shopping mall only consists of five floor. If i am in Hong Kong i will buy things like clothes and stuff. I do love window shopping too, is fun just looking at what is in store~ hahaha

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