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G.O.D x Starbucks

[Eat] Hong Kong – G.O.D x Starbucks (Update:2017)

This G.O.D x Starbucks Café has been around, since 2009. The world’s first Starbucks Café that incorporated a “Bing Sutt” Corner is always crowded with tourists and locals to check out this interesting collaboration since it operates. And subsequently, a collaboration on Hong Kong Movie theme at Sai Yee Street

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Egg Puff- Master Low Key

[Eat] Best Egg Puff in Hong Kong, Shau Kei Wan

One of the top 10 must eat street food in Hong Kong, Egg Puff or Egg Waffle. This local street food could be found anywhere on the busy street in Hong Kong, aside from the famous Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles that is recommended in the Michelin street food

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Kee Sum cafe

[Eat] Hong Kong, Peng Chau- Kee Sum Cafe

After having a walk at Peng Chau, it is time for a meal at the local restaurant. I’ve found this local café, Kee Sum Café, that was well-known among the locals.  Their review is above average too, especially the shrimp toast that was introduced. It is a common food, that was served in

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Peng Chau Finger Hill

[Trip] Hong Kong- Half day in Peng Chau

This has been on my bucket list, after stepping my first solo journey to explore Lamma Island in the past, to visit all the 4 outlying islands in Hong Kong. Now, I have completed all the 4 islands and Peng Chau is my last island to visit. Even though many people

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Hong Kong Ferry transportation

[Move] Hong Kong- Ferry transportation guide

Trying a different experience when in Hong Kong, traveling between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon via the Ferry. The important part of the commuter service in Hong Kong since the past and now the ‘iconic’ means of transport that not only as a transport to transfer its passengers but also the spectacular view

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Giant seafood hot pot - Hong Kong

[Eat] Hong Kong- Giant Seafood Hot Pot

Hong Kong is not only about dim sum and dessert. There is other delicious and interesting food to try out and one of it would be 打邊爐 in “Cantonese”, which means steamboat/ hot pot. A must go to place if I am in Hong Kong for dinner, regardless it is winter

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Huafa- Tai Kok Tsui

[Eat] Hong Kong – Food around Tai Kok Tsui

This is my first time staying near Tai Kok Tsui Area and didn’t really expect much there. But I am wrong! This place has good food and a great place to try some of the simple local delicacies. There are quite a few good restaurants nearby which we saw have lots of

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