[Fly] Iceland – To Amsterdam with Icelandair

Flying to Amsterdam from Iceland KEF, other than Icelandair, there is also Wow airline who fly directly to Amsterdam. Why did we choose Icelandair? It is because of the timing, and most importantly, the baggage allowance. The Airline is a no frill airline, but somehow it has more benefits than Wow airline. As the national plane of Iceland, they also have Aurora painted on their plane, however, it is not daily flight and you will only get to know the destination the plane is flying three days before your departure.

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[Trip] Iceland- Two Jewels of Icelandic nature

Today we will be visiting the two jewels of Iceland nature, to experience the stunning nature and diverse characteristic of the Iceland landscape. The two nature landscape, which was crowned as the Jewel are Skaftafell National Park and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, where large outlet glacier are crawling down to the lowland and large ice chunks laying on the black sand beach.

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[Trip] Iceland- South Shore Adventure

On the 3rd day of our tour, we were heading to the South Shore, it was a wet and windy experience. We stopped by 2 famous Waterfalls, the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano and Reynisfjara Beach(Black sand beach). It was a long and yet fulfilling day, whereby we got to witness the stunning landscape of the southern part of Iceland, every turn on the road is picturesque. After our breakfast, as our bus driver need to wash the tour bus, we had a pit stop at a nearby petrol kiosk. So here we are, and the weather was great~! Someone came by before wrote this here~

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[Trip] Iceland – The classic “Golden Circle”

As the places we covered is quite a long list, I will not put them up in an individual post. It will be based on our Itinerary, and places we covered on that day. A little introduction of my tour, we booked our local guided tour online a few months before we depart for Iceland. Initially, we tried to join another tour agency but in the end, the tour date was cancelled, and we found this local tour company on TripAdvisor instead. The tour covered most of the place we wanted to go and most importantly, it includes Northern-light hunt. For more information, you could refer to their official website.

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[Stay] Iceland, Reykjavik – Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

Our 6 days 5 nights tour package, includes accommodation and daily breakfast.  This is the appointed hotel by our agency, which we will be staying in on our first and last day of our tour. The Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura A little introduction of the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, as you can see from its name it is one of the Icelandair group which consist of the Iceland Air, Iceland travel and more.  This is one of the largest hotel chains in Iceland, you will be seeing more of its hotel in the following posts as out of our 5 night in Iceland, we are staying 4 nights at their chain hotels. As for the location, it's not convenient if you were to compare with our previous stay at the Reykjavik Residences Suite. However, one good thing is that they provide you with a free bus pass so that you could hop on and off their city bus to explore Reykjavik.

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[See] Iceland- Having a stroll in downtown, Reykjavik

After all the exciting activities,  it's time to introduce more relaxing and slow activities that we have done in Reykjavik. We covered 3 places, which caught our attention and were interested in visiting. Their location? They are all downtown and could be covered in one day as they were near to each other.

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[Play] Iceland- One Day Adventure in Reykjavik

When you see the word adventure, what would you think of? Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, rock climbing etc... For us we wanted to do something different from other places that we went before, so what kind of adventure should we do first we got a long list in mind but we only got 2 free days to plan on our own. And to accommodate my traveling kaki (partner), she is not into thrilling activities, so NO bungee jump, skydiving, mountain climbing uh-uh (too tiring).  We are left with 4 choices, whale watching(Pass), Glacier hike (Pass),  Riding a horse (Yes) and Helicopter ride (Yes). Obviously, there are lots of activities to do in Iceland but that is our final choice. And I am totally excited about it~!~!

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