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Hotel Actual

[Stay] Spain, Barcelona- Hotel Actual

After considering among a few hotels around the city area, we decided to make our booking with Hotel Actual. Even though it is a 3-star hotel but the reviews and rooms seem pretty nice and comfortable. We stay in this hotel for a total of 5 days 3 nights.  When

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Renfe Rail

[Move] Spain – Renfe Rail Transportation Guide

Planning a trip to Spain and is looking up for some information for your upcoming trip. Wanted to know more about Spain Railway network, and unsure what kind of pass or where the tickets can be bought. For a better understanding of the Renfe Rail network in Spain, the content

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Schiphol Airport

[Play] Having fun at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

After a hectic trip to Iceland, we decided to have a rest and relaxing trip in Amsterdam. So what are we going to do? First is to fill our stomach and explore the airport. Actually, I didn’t think that the airport would be interesting or fun because of a few

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Icelandair flight

[Fly] Iceland – To Amsterdam with Icelandair

Flying to Amsterdam from Iceland KEF, other than Icelandair, there is also Wow airline who fly directly to Amsterdam. Why did we choose Icelandair? It is because of the timing, and most importantly, the baggage allowance. The Airline is a no frill airline, but somehow it has more benefits than

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[Move] Hong Kong- Tram to the Peak (山頂)

For friends who are visiting Hong Kong for the first time or maybe you have been to Hong Kong  lots of time but didn’t have a chance to visit the Peak yet. As there are a few ways up the Peak, i will only introduce the most time saving and insta

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[Move] Hong Kong- Ngong Ping Cable Car 360

Not sure if you all know about Ngong Ping ? But recently it have been one of the more well known place for tourist. You wouldn’t imagine how 10 years ago this place is… but now is more accessible and with beautiful scenic. The best way up is by taking

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[Move] Japan, Kyushu- Northern Kyushu Area Pass

Deciding on which Kyushu pass should you get? Here is a simple guide for you. Let me explain the Kyushu pass available, there are 2 type of Kyushu rail pass available Northern Kyushu and All Kyushu area, they are separated into 3 day and 5days.

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