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[News] Japan Autumn Leaves Forecast Japan 2017

Autumn is here! Are you planning your trip to Japan? Here comes the news of the day! Japan news page has come up with the list of the expected viewing period of the beautiful autumn leaves. I have done up the latest chart for reference and if there are any further

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[Move] Moving around in Seville City in tram

There are various ways to commute around Seville city, Eg. Metro, Bus, Tram or bike rental. As the tram station is near to our apartment, we took the tram for our day tour in Seville city. Thus, this post will be purely covering on the Trams in Seville.

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Singapore Transportation

[Move] Singapore Transportation Guide

Planning a trip to Singapore soon? Wondering how do you move around when you are here? Fret not, please refer to the Singapore transportation guide for your reference below. In Singapore, we have the various mode of transport to choose from, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT), Bus

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Barcelona City transportation card

[Move] Barcelona City Transportation Pass

Spending a few days in Barcelona and thinking of getting their transportation pass to move around the city. But cannot decide which pass should you get? This post will be covering on the 3 common transportation pass for travelers visiting Barcelona city.  

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staying safe in europe

Staying Safe Traveling In Europe

Heading overseas soon? We will share some of our encounters below, and things to take note of staying safe traveling in Europe, whether you are a solo traveler or in a group. Always remember to avoid wearing flashy jewelry, holding your camera and smartphone when you are not using it.

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Renfe Rail

[Move] Spain – Renfe Rail Transportation Guide

Planning a trip to Spain and is looking up for some information for your upcoming trip. Wanted to know more about Spain Railway network, and unsure what kind of pass or where the tickets can be bought. For a better understanding of the Renfe Rail network in Spain, the content

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Hong Kong Ferry transportation

[Move] Hong Kong- Ferry transportation guide

Trying a different experience when in Hong Kong, traveling between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon via the Ferry. The important part of the commuter service in Hong Kong since the past and now the ‘iconic’ means of transport that not only as a transport to transfer its passengers but also the spectacular view

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