[Move] Taking Fujisan View Express to have a glimpse of Mt Fuji

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A transportation guide for friends, who are interested in visiting Kawaguchiko and having a ride on Fujisan View Express.

A short introduction of Fujisan View Express. It started operating this year in April, as a commemoration of Fuji Kyuukou, the railway company 90th anniversary. It was known as the train which brings you closest to Mt Fuji. And for train lovers, this train is designed by Eiji Mitooka, who was also the designer for Seven Stars in Kyushu.


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[Move] N’EX To and Fro Narita Airport from City

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A guide for getting to/from Narita International Airport to the city.

Hopping onto N’EX Train is the most comfortable and convenient way, however, it is only applicable if you are staying near to the station. Otherwise, there other options available from what I have covered before for example, the Skyliner and express train.


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[Move] East Japan- JR Tokyo Wide Area Pass

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Feel like getting out of the bustling city to somewhere cool and calm. Get the Tokyo Wide Area Pass, which covers not only Tokyo city but also the outer skirt of the area. This time round, we are going to see the Mt Fuji at Kawaguchiko and the famous UNESCO Togusho Shrine in Nikko.


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[News] Japan-Autumn Leaves Forecast 2016

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Thinking that this would be of some help to them if they are interested in viewing autumn leaves during this period of time.

I have taken some news from 2 different websites for your references.

Little to know:

There are two types of leaves that you could view in Autumn when you are in Japan.

1) もみじ Momiji(紅葉、黄葉)= Red leaves/ yellow leaves Aka Maple Leaves

2) いちょう Ichou(銀杏)= Ginkgo leaves

**I will only cover about the maple leaves.

(Photo taken from: Zekkei Japan)


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[Move] Hong Kong Bus Transportation Guide (Update: 2017)

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Are you traveling to Hong Kong for the first time and hop on the bus but does not know how? This post will provide you the Hong Kong bus transportation guide which gives you another option get to the city from the airport or interested in touring around Hong Kong by bus instead of the regular transportation known like MTR/ Subway.

**Kindly check from the hotel if they offer free shuttle bus from the airport to your respective hotel.**


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[Move] Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) Guide (Update:2019)

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A comprehensive Japan rail pass nation guide for first-time travellers, who are intending to buy the Japan rail pass but not sure if it is suitable for them or what to do after purchasing it. Here are some of the necessary information that might be useful with a step by step guide and also some of the things to note before you purchase the pass. (more…)

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