[Move] Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) Guide (Update:2019)

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A comprehensive Japan rail pass nation guide for first-time travellers, who are intending to buy the Japan rail pass but not sure if it is suitable for them or what to do after purchasing it. Here are some of the necessary information that might be useful with a step by step guide and also some of the things to note before you purchase the pass. (more…)

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[Eat] Hong Kong,Tsim Sha Tsui – Yuen Kee Restaurant

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Then i went to meet my friends for a late night supper at a nearby restaurant for a common food that the locals will eat everyday or when they are hungry at night. You will not believe it but actually is one of my favorite comfort food in Hong Kong.

Let’s look at the menu:



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[Move] Hong Kong- Hong Kong to Macau (By Ferry)

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One day trip to Macau started off in the morning. Although i got up early but i got out of hotel late. 😛 The ferry terminal was a 10-15 minutes walk from my hotel.

There are a few place where you could board a ferry to get to Macau. When i reached the ferry terminal i was approached by a outsourced ticket seller, didn’t thought much and brought the ticket from him, which cost me 345HKD round ticket.

I took the Cotai Water Jet Ferry to Macau,there are other companies at the terminal too. However, i will only cover this ferry that i took.



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[Eat] Japan, Osaka- Universal Studio Japan Snack Time

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This will be a short post, I am putting this post individually is because i want to introduce this interesting snack that you should not miss.

We just have snacks along the way.
We stopped when we see the snack store. Each attraction have their own attracting snack, which is the characters bun~!~! Which made me gone crazy because is so cute~~ 😀

My first snack was snoopy and hello kitty bun~! And when we walk around, we found a few more.

The buns doesn’t really fill us up, while we had finish 2 buns we were still hungry,so we got ourselves the lovely turkey leg~!~!



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[Eat] Macau – Margaret’s Cafe e Nata (玛嘉烈蛋挞)

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My first stop of the day~

To have my first meal of the day the famous Portuguese egg tart in Macau, the food which Boys over Flower have eaten, don’t know if is this store but whatever i am not a crazy fan of the drama (Please don’t kill me, at least i know them). The store was feature in a lot of magazine and was voted No 1 by their locals and tourist a must to eat in Macau, so there i was since i think i shouldn’t miss this out. It was not easy to find actually because is hidden in an alley but is near to a casino.


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[Eat] Macau- Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記

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The must eat Pork chop bun in Macau. And i doesn’t want to miss it, so i decided to head to its flagship store.

Didn’t took any photos of the interior, but here is how it looks on the outside:

To note:

Freshly baked Pork chop bun it is out at 14:00 daily~


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