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Getting a prepaid card in Munich or Germany was not as easy as I thought it would be even though I have read about the experience other people had. I was considering to get the sim card at the airport. However, after researching buying the Sim card outside will be better. Prior our departure to Germany I went through the hassle to exchange an email with the Mobile company indicating our interest to get the Tourist sim card. In the end, when we arrived, it seems like not all the outlets have the regulations standardise.

Why getting Sim Card in Germany is difficult?

The German government have made a law to tighten the security in July 2017, which has led to a new registration requirement for the purchase of prepaid SIM cards. This is the most confusing regulations for both tourists and locals alike. Currently, if you don’t meet certain requirements from the major telecommunication brands, you are unable to get your sim card.

What is required?

  • A Passport
  • Germany Home address/ Certificate to show that you stay in Germany (certain brand shop)
  • Online by video identification on camera showing a valid ID document through a video connection on a smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.

To note:

Registration might take days to activate and while some others will only need a few hour or less.

Some stores will be picky about the required document if you are from overseas.


The largest telecom service provider in Germany.

Where to buy?

T-mobile retail shop, DM Shop *Not Recommended*


Internet Flat ProductsMagenta Mobile Start SMagenta Mobile Start MMagenta Mobile Start LMagenta Mobile Start XL
Available- Calls are charge accordingly to the credit.
-Date usage within EU+Switzerland
- Hot spot Flats
- Calling to a personal landline number even without credit even from the EU-foreign countries
-Date usage within EU+Switzerland
- Hot spot Flats
- 100 minutes in all German network
-Date usage within EU+Switzerland
- Hot spot Flats
- Allnet Flat (Min and SMS)
-Date usage within EU+Switzerland
- Hot spot Flats
Validity4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks
Cost (EUR)$2.95$9.95$14.95$24.95

**Additional service charge 10 EUR per card**

Side story:

Bought the T- MOBILE prepaid sim card at DM store to try out and it is cheaper than the mobile store for 8.95 EUR. It turns out that even though I have registered online I still have to go to the store to verify my identity or video call them? By then, I was quite disappointed with their service already after spending 2 hours trying to figure out why it was like this. Decided to give up and go to buy another sim card, think of it as a lesson learned.

Little tips:

T-mobile near the outlet at HBF Munich Station centre does not sell tourist sim card and the staff was really impolite.

After we got our sim card from another brand, we went shopping and saw another t-mobile outlet which is just a station away from Munich station at Marienplatz. We went in and checked with the staff, they said they do offer Tourist sim card with an additional service charge of 10 EUR. That’s when we realised that different outlets have the different standard. Hence, if you are hardworking enough to walk over or staying near Marienplatz you can try your luck there.


A subsidiary of O2 Telecom, Ortel mobile is the only SIM card in Germany, that is easily available and heavily marketed at major airports.

Where to buy?

At the Airport, electronic store, Mobile store or what they call a handy store.


Available-Internet telephony
-Surfing internet within EU
-Internet telephony
-Surfing internet within EU
-Internet telephony
-Surfing internet within EU
-Internet telephony
-Surfing internet within EU
Validity4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks
Cost (EUR)$9.99 $14.99$19.99$29.99

Where I finally get my sim card?

At a mobile/handy store near our hotel, where they helped us to register and activate the sim card. We got to pay more, for the service of 10 EUR for per card.

2-cents opinion:

Ortel is good enough if you are not going to some mountaineers area. Do note that most of the places are covered by T-mobile so when you are in some city, restaurant or shops you will not have any service signal or the signal will be low. Otherwise, I am very happy with what I bought during my 16 days trip.

Little tips:

Get a 3.5gb data plan instead of the 1.25gb for a 2 week plus trip as it will not be enough.


Other service providers?

  • Vodafone
  • O2
  • Lycamobile


As this new law and rules are causing more confusion to the tourists and the service providers. To save yourself the trouble and enjoy your trip to the fullest. I think why not pay a little more at your home country by getting a wifi-router or activate overseas usage from your telecom provider. One of our friends is using SingTel roaming data and the service provider in Germany is T-mobile and to be honest their connection is better at the mountaineer or secluded area.

Get your sim card or wifi router here, do note of the Download speed and Data limit per day.

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  1. Any idea if the sim card size is limited to the regular size or nano sim also available?

    1. Hello Mich,

      Thank you for your message.

      It is available in all 3 sizes, 3-in 1 simcard.

      Hope this information helps.

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