[Move] Japan-Direct Ltd Exp Train Nikko

From my previous post I have covered on how to get to Nikko by changing train at Utsunomiya station, and now I am going to touch on the direct train access to Nikko and getting back to the city.

As you all know that I have missed my direct train from Shinjuku to Nikko and got to take a longer but yet fun route down. But my plan for this trip was to sit on the direct train at least once and yes, I got the chance which at first I thought we would miss it again.

Nikko Station


4,000 Yen (One way)


**If you are holding onto any JR East Pass

*All seats are to be Reserved


117 Minutes

Getting reservation seat?

Head to the reservation counter, and tell the staff where you will be heading:

Proceed to the side door to enter:


To note:

Only one direct train back to Shinjuku vice versa, so if you miss this train you will have to alight at Tokyo Skytree Station or Asakusa

Ltd Exp Nikko



Makeup room:

Luggage storage space:



As what I have said previously, there is only one train that will depart from the station each day. If you miss the train, you will have other alternatives which might cause some delay in your itinerary or schedule.

We reached the station earlier than we expected, after reserving our seat and taking some photos. We head over to get on the train, as it was the end stop, it was stopped at the track. And I was able to take more photos because it is such a rare sight for me cause the train was empty we were the first few passenger inside. The cabin was clean and seats were comfortable, you wouldn’t believe that this train is actually more than 25 years old.

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