[Eat] Amsterdam-Old Dutch food at The Pantry

Since we are in Netherlands, isn’t it a must to try the Dutch food here. We came across this restaurant while we were doing our research, and it is located at Amsterdam downtown. Most importantly, the good reviews seen from TripAdvisor made us decided to have a meal here.

The pantry

A restaurant where customer felt cozy and comfortable with the ambiance and the traditional Dutch dishes they served were excellent. The pantry display was set up like a Dutch house’s living room, it was enhanced with the lampshades, Delftware and old paintings on the wall. Food served here are made with the fresh and homemade product. The prime location in the Leidseplein neighborhood made it an ideal restaurant for the customer to have their meal before or after the show or movie nearby.


Leidsekruisstraat 21, 1017 RE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Operating Hour:



Sat- Sun

12:00 – 22:30


24EUR-40EUR  (Per pax)



For a clearer menu, kindly visit their website.

What we had?


Soup of the day:

Dutch goat cheese Croquette**Recommended**:

Salmon Filet with lobster sauce (served with mashed potatoes and vegetables):


The fries ⇑ should be with the Dutch ham but the table was full, so I took it with the fish filet. Sorry about that.

Typical Dutch Ham(450g), Served with warm honey mustard sauce and fries: **Recommended **

Zuurkoolstamppot(Mashed potatoes mixed with sauerkraut) served with a meatball:

Poffertjes( mini pancake served with butter and powdered sugar) **Recommended**:


We had a fantastic dinner here at The Pantry, servers were quick and alert, the food was served fast. The most recommended dish here would be Dutch ham and Poffertjes (mini pancake served with butter and powdered sugar).

The Dutch ham was tender and juicy, when dip with the honey mustard sauce, the combination of both the meat and sauce gives out an excellent taste.  As for the mini pancakes, it is delicious and addicting for butter lovers and sweet tooth like me.  Each tiny pancakes soaked up the butter, at the first bite of the pancake the buttery flavor exploded inside your mouth and with the powered sugar poured on top gives it a pinch of sweetness.

You may wish to make a reservation before you head down to the restaurant by sending them an email.



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