[Eat] Enjoy the fluffy Soufflé Pancake at Flipper’s Singapore

Many of you might have heard about or saw the news that the famous Flipper’s has opened its first flagship store in Singapore. The famous souffle pancake from Japan is here and we are excited to give it a try.

Flipper’s Pancake

Flipper’s Pancake Singapore is its first franchised outlet in Southeast Asia, it was opened on the 6 Nov at Takashimaya Singapore.

Their best-known soufflé pancake is the Kiseki (Miracle) soufflé pancakes. The pancake is so delicate that you do not need a knife to cut it but just by using 2 forks to eat the pancake.


Operating hours:


11:00 – 21:00 (or till sold out), last order at 20:00


I felt that if the wait would be more than 30 minutes you should just go another day or make a reservation online first before heading down.

Book your Seat Reservation here.


There are no physical menus. Customers are provided with a QR code to scan for an online menu.

Currently, there are six soufflé pancake flavours available:

-Original Kiseki Pancake

-Matcha Azuki

-Hazelnut Chocolate

-Millennial Strawberry

-Fresh Fruits

-Savoury Eggs Benedict

Open Kitchen concept where diners can see how their delicious pancakes are made.

Looking at the staff flipping the pancake is an art you can see how fluffy and soft it is.

Serve with their signature 2 forks to enjoy the pancake.

What did we order?

Kiseki Pancake Plain, $17.80 *Signature

Kiseki Pancake Hazelnut Chocolate, $21.80 *Recommended

Eggs Benedict Souffle Pancake, $22.80 *Recommended

Strawberry ade, $7.60


Love how the pancake is so fluffy that when you take the first bite it literately melt-in-the-mouth. I like the egg benedict souffle pancake, which comes with 2 pancakes one with prawn and the other one with smoked salmon if you like something sweet and salty. Would recommend going after a meal as the souffle pancake is like a dessert and will not make you full.



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