[Eat] Having high tea at Vivienne Westwood Café in Taipei

A day where we had plan to go to HsinChu city for a half day trip, however, due to bad weather we cancelled the trip and decided to stay in Taipei city.

Did a quick check on interesting cafe or places where we can spend our afternoon. We chanced upon Vivienne Westwood Cafe in Taipei, we thought that it is quite cool, hence we went over to have our afternoon tea there.

Vivienne Westwood Cafe

Situated in Taipei eastern district inside the crowded alley, Vivienne Westwood revamped its flagship store into a new concept where it combines fashion and cafe in one store. Once you enter, you will be walking past the store where they display season goods and leading you to the entrance of the cafe.

The cafe is separated into 2 section like the other cafes in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the century tearoom, and a shooting studio. The design of the cafe is full of 17th to 18th century British style art work, as well as her signature tartan elements which are used in the tea sets and tins. Not forgetting to mention the desserts that was display inside the glass cabinet, looking so vibrant and colorful that made me wanted to order all of them.


Operating Hours



Dessert section

Interior Design

Seating section


Photo taking corner


Main Dish+Dessert+Drinks

400~600 NTD

Afternoon Tea set for 2 pax

1,200 NTD

What did we order?

Tuna Melts Sandwich

Mexican Chicken Cheese Wrap

Cappucino **Recommended**

Citron tea

Duchess **Recommended**

Uji Matcha**Recommeded**


The main dish was not bad, however, the potato wedges were too dry, we even asked the staff to get us ketchup to see if it will taste better but to our disappointment, it doesn’t help and we did not finish it.

Dessert served were great and delicious,  especially the cafe’s top seller, Duchess, which is made from earl grey tea dark chocolate mousse. At one glance it seems as though there is a beautiful purple flower at the top of it, with the smooth and creamy texture that I like. The staff recommended Uji Matcha, the taste was great, like fusion of Japan and English style, Matcha mousse is a perfect dessert for matcha lovers.

If you happen to be here after two in the afternoon, you can try their afternoon tea set which most of the people were ordering when we were there, it is a pity that we didn’t have a chance to try it because we are there before 2pm. I love the ambience and interior design, food was not bad and it is a great place for friends’ gathering where you can enjoy having a nice afternoon tea and dessert.


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