[Eat] Hong Kong- Tsim Chai Kee (沾仔記) Wonton Noodle

Recently in Singapore, we have this Hong Kong Fever after Tim Ho Wan open its overseas branch in Singapore the next that came is the Mak’s Noodle. But i will not introduce those 2 yet, as they have their fame already.

This time round, i will introduce the Tsim Chai Kee wonton noodle in central, other than it big and chewy wonton, the noodle was very “Q”. It have been my sister favorite stall to visit after she had moved to Hong Kong for a year and now even when she is back to Singapore, she still remember this stall and visit it when we went down to central.

Not to worry about the menu they do have English menu, when i was there there wasn’t a long queue or so but please refrain from going down in the afternoon lunch hour as this place is often crowded with 上班族 working around the area.  Likewise you could go down at night like us.

What to order?

1. Specialty Wonton Noodle

2. 2 or 3 Mixed specialty Noodle

Which you could choose to add Shrimp Wonton or FishBall or Beef slices

3. 油菜 Yao choi or 通菜 Tong Choi (Vegetable)  with 蠔油(Oyster Sauce) or 腐乳(Preserved Beancurd)


**that day when we went there is no more yao choi, so we got 通菜蠔油(tong choi hou yao)**


98 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong

Operating Hours:



HKD $26-43
2015-05-22 18.26.17


If i didn’t have a full stomach i would have eaten more. Maybe next time i will visit again.

Love the wonton as the shrimp was really juicy and bouncy. Not much of a complain i could give but there are more hidden gems in Hong Kong for wonton noodle I think.As this was actually all over the tourist guide book a must to visit same as Mak’s but price wise and volume this might be of a upperhand. Not forgetting to credit the founder for Wonton Noodle though.

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