[Eat] Japan, Nagoya- Get a bowl of the spicy dandanmian at I Want to Eat TanTanMen Restaurant

When you are in Nagoya one of the must-try cuisines would be the TanTan/Dandan Men. My friend was saying I should try out the Tantanmen in Nagoya. To be honest, I am not sure why? But it was listed in my “to eat list”.

We were staying near the Nagoya Station and were pampered with lots of good and famous food nearby. The underground shopping street ESCA is the place for quick meal if you are stopping by at Nagoya station. I got to know this restaurant as it was ranked the top 7 restaurants for Tantanmen in Nagoya, you will see long queue during lunch and dinner time.

I Want to Eat TanTanMen Restaurant

The name of the restaurant Xiang Chi DanDan Mian [想吃担担面], which literally means I want to eat TanTanMen in English. It is known for its spicy Sichuan ramen in Nagoya, the special homemade spicy oil to pour over the Tantanmen is the highlight with the sesame sauce which add more spice to the noodle.


Visit the official website for more information: http://nagoyatantanmen.com/

Operating Hour:

11:00 ~ 22:30
L.O 22:00


1,000JPY~ 1,999JPY


**Limited at Esca Shop**

Choice set


Gift set to bring home

Mini Mapo rice **Sold out after 17:30 

Side condiments:

Vinegar for gyoza, Chilli oil to add the level spiciness

What did we order?

Soup based Spicy DanDan noodle (LEVEL 2) *Recommended

Dry Based Spicy DanDan Noodle  (LEVEL 1) *Recommended

Pan fried dumpling/Gyoza


The soup was not heavy but still rich in flavour as we did not order the highest level. The spiciness was just right for me because we are not that good with spicy food. The level of spiciness can be increased by adding the chilli oil at the table, the noodle taste somehow like a mixture of Sichuan and Taiwan dandan noodle, which I felt that it is much better than what I expected.

I won’t recommend getting the gyoza, it is average like normal gyoza you can get at other Chinese restaurants. However, if I were to return to Nagoya again would like to try their boiled dumpling with spicy sesame sauce, heard that it is their must order.

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