[Eat] Japan – The not to be miss seafood feast in Kanazawa

A summary of the places that we went for the seafood feast, cost and what are the recommendations from the locals. Some of the most affordable and delicious seafood we had in Kanazawa.

Minami (みなみ) Omicho Ichiba

We found this stall hidden at the back of the street of Omicho Ichiba. The price is reasonable and its seafood was so yummy that we went back twice.


Operating hour


Closed on Wednesday


Oyster: 350 JPY or 600 JPY

Sea Urchin: 700 JPY

Scallop: 600 JPY

What we had?

Oyster (真がき)

Scallop (帆立)


We were attracted to its hotate (Scallop), which was display inside the transparent shelves and it looks fresh and juicy. We bought one to try and it was awesome, so we decide to get the Shingaki (oyster) too and we were not disappointed. After having that we went off to search for other seafood to try but still went back to the same store as we couldn’t forget the taste and bought one more oyster and scallop.

Yamasan Sushi Main store(山さん寿司本店)

Yamasan Sushi Main Store is one of the oldest restaurants in Omicho Market, which is now trending in the Instagram for its Kaisen Don.  The Kaisen don is the must try seafood rice bowl in Kanazawa, there are 18 kinds of seafood in a rice bowl and with golden foil flakes place on top. From their menu, they only served the finest seasonal seafood here.


Operating hours?


**The shop will close once the ingredients are sold out.

To note:

Only cash, No Credit card payment

No reservation allowed

No photo taking inside the restaurant except the food and yourself to protect other guest privacy.





What to eat?

Kaisen don (海鮮丼)  **Recommended

Omori Nigiri (12 Pieces) 大盛りにぎり(12貫) **Recommended

Nigiri (8 Pieces) にぎり(8貫)


The Kaisen don was the main attraction of the restaurant every table will order one. It was now the most Instagram worthy photo shoot for the Japanese if they are travelling to Kanazawa following the golden foil ice cream. The rice bowl was filling and the varieties of seafood inside the rice bowl were crazy I cannot finish the rice and every piece of it is fresh and delicious, however, the downside was we cannot choose what we like so there is a possibility that some seafood served might not be in your favour. I like the sushi platter too, the master will choose the what kind of fish they would serve and change during different seasons.

NotoMae Morimori sushi (能登前寿司 もりもり寿し) **Not conveyer belt sushi**

Most people will know about the Mori Mori sushi conveyer belt, however, if you are unable to grab a seat inside mormori sushi, you can walk to the restaurant beside it which is under the same company. This restaurant doesn’t sell per piece items only in dons or set meal.


Operating hours?

Monday – Friday
11:00 ~15:00 Last Order: 15:00
17:00 ~ 22:00 Last Order: 21:30

Weekends and holiday
11:00~ 22:00 Last Order: 21:30






What we had?

Ue nigiri (10 pieces) 上にぎり(10貫)

Noto Mae Set (能登前セット)**Recommended

Barachirashi don (ばらちらし丼) Limited Set **Recommended

Kanazawa Meibutsu Kani Miso Don (金沢名物かにみそ丼)


We had a filling dinner here and it was a comfortable spacious restaurant. If you are not a fan of conveyer belt sushi and wanted some set meal where you do not need to think too much this might be another alternative for you. The miso soup with crab was excellent and the sushi served was fantastic too. The price was also reasonable with the volume of seafood and rice served.

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