[Eat] Korea, Seoul- Shimsontang(심슨탕) Army Stew Budae-Jjigae Restaurant at MyeongDong

After visiting the NSeoul Tower, I meet my friends at Myeong Dong area for shopping. We did not have any plans for our dinner, hence as we walked along the street we saw this army stew (budae-jjigae) restaurant that caught our attention, since we were craving for some spicy food too.  We did not realise that it was actually a famous restaurant which is owned by a Korean singer and there are two outlets in Seoul.


Shimsontang is an army stew restaurant first opened in Hongdae area, it is owned by Korean Singer Shim Tae Yoon and Singer Hwang Bo, not sure if anybody knows who is Hwangbo? She is a singer and also been on a variety show called We got Married. I got to know about her from the variety show and now she is still famous in Korea and overseas too.

Their broth is cooked for 12 hours and is made from beef leg bones and briskets, ham, sausages and various vegetables to enrich the taste of the soup.  We went to the one that is at Myong dong instead since we are there.

**Update: Hongdae outlet has closed this year 2019. Currently, there are 2 outlet one in Myeongdong, the other one at Gangnam.


The restaurant is on the second floor

Operating Hours

Mon ~ Sun
11:20 – 22:40


8,500Won~12,000Won (3pax)


What did we order?

Side dishes

Original Simpson Stew

Rice with butter



We had a filling and delicious meal, do not be deceived by the red pot, even though it looks spicy but it is not. The soup base was thick and not too sweet together with the spam that is cut in cube shape and ramyeon it was a perfect combination. The rice has a different way of eating, their rice is to mix with the butter, one mouth of butter rice with sausage, spam and the vegetable. The ramyeon there is so different from our ramyeon in Singapore,  it is still chewy even after it has been cooked for long.

Service at the restaurant is fast, however, the servers made us feel that we had to make a decision fast. When we were ushered to the seat not long after they came to us to take the order, at that point we were still deciding if we should get some extra food, so we told them we need more them and the server do not seem to be happy about it.

The server there do not look friendly and is a little cold. I have a feeling that they need a fast turnover as the shop is not huge and seats are limited.  The food is good but the service might need to improve. It is not a must to visit again as army stew can be eaten everywhere, next time i will go and find other army stew restaurant to try.

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