[Eat] Macau – Margaret’s Cafe e Nata (玛嘉烈蛋挞)

My first stop of the day~

To have my first meal of the day the famous Portuguese egg tart in Macau, the food which Boys over Flower have eaten, don’t know if is this store but whatever i am not a crazy fan of the drama (Please don’t kill me, at least i know them). The store was feature in a lot of magazine and was voted No 1 by their locals and tourist a must to eat in Macau, so there i was since i think i shouldn’t miss this out. It was not easy to find actually because is hidden in an alley but is near to a casino.


17B, Goldlion building, Rua do Comandante Mata e Oliveira, Macau, China

How to get there?

Take the free shuttle bus to Hotel Lisboa about 200m from there.


1 Egg Tart 8MOP

6 Egg Tart 45MOP

12 Egg Tart 90 MOP

Others drink and sandwich cost ranging from 10 MOP to 20MOP

Operating Hours:

06:30- 20:00 (Closed on Wednesday)

What i had?


I brought 2 box of egg tart and an ice milk tea, it taste good as it is piping hot just out from oven~!~! I am not sure why but the lady boss seem very fierce but she was actually quite friendly to me but was quite rude to the one in front of me i think is because they have yet decide and keep adding their order, this time round i should be ashamed because we are from the same place. The shop is very small not a good idea to cramp in there if you have yet decide what you want to eat.

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