[Eat] Macau- Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記

The must eat Pork chop bun in Macau. And i doesn’t want to miss it, so i decided to head to its flagship store.

Didn’t took any photos of the interior, but here is how it looks on the outside:

To note:

Freshly baked Pork chop bun it is out at 14:00 daily~


35 R. Correia da Silva,Macau

Operating Hour:

8:00 – 18:00


30HKD – 50HKD

The Pork chop bun itself is 30HKD

What i had?


The combination of the pork chop bun makes it mouth watering the pork chop was tender, the bun was crispy and soft. Even though i was quite full that day i still manage to finish it.

The flagship store is always crowded but do not worry  there are a few other branches in Macau and 1 in Singapore.

( Updated: May 2014)

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