[Eat] South Korea – Food to try in Sokcho at Daepo Port

Following the previous post about the Essential guide in Sokcho. Here we are going to introduce the not to be missed cuisine we had at Daepo port during our two days one night stay.

Daepohang Fried Food Street (대포항 원조튀김골목)

Ojingeo Sundae (오징어 순대)

Ojingeo Sundae or Squid Sundae is a type of blood sausage in Korean cuisine and popular street food in both North and South Korea, generally made by steaming cow or pig’s intestines stuffed with various ingredients.

There are regional varieties of sundaes and in Sokcho is abai-sundae (아바이순대).


The first row from the left No. 3 stall.

Operating Hour:


(Different stall operating hours varies)


10,000 won

What did we order?

Fried Shrimps

Ojingeo Sundae


The yummy ojingeo sundae (stuffed squid), which was quite special and different from what I thought a sundae would be, as it is pan-fried. This brings out the squid tenderness and the crispiness of the rice. The food there cost the same so to make it easier to choose, we just see which stall looks more appealing to us.

Daepo Port Fishing Village Tourism Fish Market  (대포항어촌계관광수산시장)

The daepo port food street there are Zone A-D with around 22 stalls in each zone for you to choose from.

Steamed Red Crab

The famous steamed red crab in Sokcho.


Zone C No.13


3 steamed red crab + 3 fried rice crab  + crab ramen


Operating hour:


What we had?

Side dishes

Cider and soju
Crab Ramen
3 Steamed crab and Crab fried rice


We ordered the cheapest meal set we found at the Daepo Port seafood market as there are too many stalls to choose from, and we were happy with our choice. The crab was juicy and sweet and the crab ramen was so yummy that we couldn’t stop drinking the soup. The soup was spicy and addictive. Three fried rice is a little too much for 2 of us, we tried to finish it by finding a new way to eat it which is to have a spoonful of rice and dipped into the soup, it is a great combination.
The owner is really nice and friendly, they will tell us which side dish is to go with the main dish, and this made the food taste even better.

My thoughts?

Actually, the seafood in Sokcho is not that cheap, if you see the price for the big red snow crab, it can cost up to 100,000 won or more.
When you enter the Daepo Port seafood market you will be overwhelmed with lots of choices, the ajummas can be a little aggressive while trying to bring you into their stall.  If you know what you want to eat and compare the price around. After the comparison, if you find that it is not worth to spend so much on crab, can consider eating the cheaper option, Squid Sundae which can be counted as seafood too.

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