[Eat] Taiwan – Food to try at Shilin Night Market

Travelers who have been to Shilin Night market will know that it is a huge place for delicious street food and lots of things to see, buy and play.

There are so many food to try and what would be the one that worth queuing and waiting? Choices from food that are not widely accepted by tourists, and some of the hidden food that you might miss. These are stalls that I always go to when I am in Taipei and will discovered some new found favorite in subsequent visits.

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is one of the largest, and most popular night market in Taipei. It is always full of people due to the wide variety of food and shops. Most importantly, it’s strategic location which is a 70m walk from the station just made it convenient for the locals and travelers.


How to get there?

Alight at Jiantan station:

Hot Tofu 口吅品麻辣臭豆腐

You might know about the fried smelly tofu in Taiwan but have you tried before Mala (spicy) Smelly tofu? What is so addicting about it?

This stall has been one of my must visit place when I am in Taiwan, and to be honest, I don’t mind eating it everyday. Everything in the small pot, it is a comfort food to eat during winter.


Opening Hours:





What to order?

The signature pig intestine, duck blood and smelly tofu (招牌腸旺臭豆腐)

Mi Su Fried Chicken

Whenever i am in Taipei, i will not fail to queue for my favorite Mi Su Fried Chicken. It is one of the top 3 fried chicken stalls in Shilin Night market.

Opening hour:

16:00 – 24:00



Sausage Black pork- 原住民不滿族

The DachangBaoXiaoChang literally means Big sausage wrap small sausage, it is a must try snack if this is the first time you are in Taiwan. DaChang (big sausage) is made from Glutinous rice stuff in pig intestine, the method of cooking is same as Korean sundae.


70NTD (Any 1 Combination)

30NTD (Sauage only)

My favorite is the black pork sausage only.

Bubble tea / Babo Tea- ZhenZhuDan (珍煮丹)

ZhenZhuDan caught my attention not only because of it’s interesting name but also the long queue that was formed there. This triggered my food instinct that this might be good. Bingo! this stall is now my new found favorite.


Opening hour:

11:00 – 22:30


What to order?

Black sugar milk bubble tea

Ah Liang Rice Noodle 阿亮麵線

Located outside the Ci Cheng Gong and beside it, there is a whole stretch of small stalls. One of it is Ah Liang Rice Noodle or Ah Liang Mee Sua the long establish stall since 1975, that win the hearts of many locals and travelers. A simple yet delicious meal to fill the stomach.


Opening Hours:

15:30- 23:30

What to eat?

Ah Liang Mee Sua, 30NTD:

TianBuLa (甜不辣), 30NTD (small) :

To note:

Night market stalls that do not have physical store, they have random opening day/time and affected by the weather.


Different individuals preferences for food varies. Therefore, the above recommendations might not be what you like. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other food at the night market that you might love. Have a great time exploring the ShiLin Night Market and do feel free to share if you think there are any food that is worth my calories.

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