[Eat] Taiwan- Food to try at Zhongli Night Market (中壢觀光夜市)

Zhongli was the nearest residential district we can visit when we were staying in Taoyuan. It is a happening district where lots of shopping malls and night markets are located.

Zhongli Tourist Night Market

Zhongli Night market is located on Xinming Road at the intersection of Zhongyang West Road and Minquan Road, it is one of the more well known night market in Taoyuan. Covering around a distance of 700m. Similar to other night markets, it is lively and bustling with a variety of shops and food stalls.


Xinming Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 320

How to get there?

Drop off at Taoyuan Airport MRT, Huanbei station.

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A 15 minutes walk to reach the night market. As you walk towards the night market, you will pass by the Old Street River Lookout, enjoy the view along the way.

Operating hours:



*Operating hours varies for different stores*

Source: Zhongli Night Market Official Website

ErShiFu Sesame Oil Chicken (二師父麻油雞)

One of the famous stall in Zhongli Night Market, the number 1 stall if you would like to try Taiwanese style Sesame Oil Chicken.


Opening Hours:




Order your food first before sitting down.

Self-made chilli sauce

What to eat?

Sesame Oil Vermicelli rice (dry) 麻油乾麵線, 30NTD

Sesame Oil Kidney Soup (麻油腰子), 180NTD

We were there early, thus, a short queue and we were quickly ushered to seat after we made the order. The Sesame Oil Vermicelli rice is delicious, would recommend ordering one bowl to try.

XieLi Crispy Chicken 協力香雞排

Hidden right at the end of the night market, you have to walk till the end to find the stall, and note that the operating hour is not the same as the other stalls. There might be a possibility it gets sold out when you reached there at 17:00 (opening time for most of the night market stalls)

Operating Hours:

14:00~until sold out



We waited for around 15 minutes to get hold of this crispy tender fried chicken.

He Jia Cuttlefish 合家現燙魷魚

The award-winning store for their boiled cuttlefish with their homemade special sauce, sha cha and garlic. You can choose which flavour you like, original, spicy, wasabi or spicy and wasabi

Operating Hours:




What to eat?

Signature dish Original (Special sauce. Shacha sauce. Garlic)

DaZhong Lu Wei (大眾滷味)

There are quite a few stalls which are selling “Lu Wei” and this stall caught our eyes as there are long queue forming around it.

Operating Hours:




(Depends on the food you take)

Grab a basket and a thong to take the food you want. There are a wide variety of ingredients, meats, vegetables, and others. After you choose the items, pass the basket to the stall owner, your food will be boiled in the savoury broth, chopped and packed.

WenJi Beancurd (溫記豆花)

Craving for some traditional Taiwanese dessert? Grab a seat inside or takeaway the famous beancurd in Zhongli Night market.




What to eat?

Mixed Beadcurd (綜合豆花), 35NTD


There are stalls along the street that let you do prawning, street games, etc.

Further down the street, stalls selling belts, toys, shoes, etc.

The exotic dish, snake soup, which you cannot see in Taipei city anymore, but you can find it here.


Different individuals preferences for food varies. Therefore, the above recommendations might not be what you like. Nonetheless, there are plenty of food at the night market that you might be able to find your favourite food.


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