[Eat] Taiwan, SanYi – Traditional Hakka style Lai Xin Kui Noodle (賴新魁麵館)

Lai Xin Kui Noodle Restaurant was introduced by our driver when we were heading back to Taipei from Taichung.

We were told it was famous and the soup had been the same since he was young. There are 2 stalls that are selling the same thing but he likes this stall more thus, we are here.

Lai Xin Kui Noodle

Established in 1945, this traditional Hakka noodle stall. The owner of the stall only has 10 bowls to start operating his business daily due to the scarcity of items during that time. And his business was so good that you would see the 11th customer asking the 1st customer to finish the noodle soon so that they could have the bowl.

Now the business is passed down to the 3rd generation keeping the legacy and the motto of keeping the ingredients fresh,traditional and original.


367, Taiwan, Miaoli County, Sanyi Township, Zhongzheng Rd, 170之1號

Operating hour:



Noodle 80-100 NTD

Soup 50 NTD

Side dish 60-80NTD

Choose your side dish here there are quite a lot of choices and it was replenished quite fast.


The Interior

What we had:

Hakka Flat Rice Noodle Dry (80NTD)

Hakka Rice Noodle Soup (80NTD)

Sliced Tofu striped

Spring Onion Chicken Gizzard

Asian pickled cabbage


We love the soup it was simple yet delicious, it brings us back to childhood. For the chilli on the table, you can add to the dry noodles for more spices. The side dishes we took were all that we liked but because there were too many choices we took 3 that we would like to try. We heard that the century egg tofu is one of the must-try dishes, however, we did not try that as we have other dishes that we like more. If you are interested do have a try.



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