[Eat] Taiwan, Taichung- D.M Cafe drinking Ice latte from a bowl

Found this interesting cafe when I was searching around for a nice place to relax and chill in Taichung. Attracted by its colourful and cheerful front door, and the photos of a cute wobbly Mt Fuji pudding.

D.M Cafe

Dan Man Cafe name has a special meaning behind it, Dan Man means “sit down” in Atayal language which is one of the Taiwanese indigenous people languages. This is the 2nd shop of Dan Man Cafe, the 1st cafe is located at Feng Yuan.

The cafe is located in the old residential area near the National Taichung University of Education, taking up the 1st and 2nd floor of the old residential house along the roadside.


Operating hours

Monday, Wednesday- Friday






**Restday: Every Tuesday**


90NTD~150NTD (Per Pax)



Italian coffee

Snack and Dessert


Liked how the menu is differentiated, simple and easy to understand (Left to right): Flower Tea drinks, Latte or Cappuccino,  Not sour coffee, Sour coffee and light food.

They do not provide Wi-Fi here, as they want you to spend time with your friends or family.

What did we order?

Small Fuji Dessert (60NTD)

DM IceCube Latte (90NTD)

This is me trying to melt the ice.


The ambience inside the cafe simple and comfortable, you can choose the counter seat where you can have a chat with the barista or take a seat near the window to read a book and enjoy your day with a cup of delicious coffee. The location of the cafe might not be that easy to find as it is inside the alley of the old houses and around 5 minutes walk to the nearest bus stop, we took a cab down.

Wobbly Mt Fuji coffee pudding (Small) was so cute and yummy but was sad that I was not able to pre-order the Wobbly Mt Fuji pudding (Large), which was limited to only 5 per day.

Coffee sold in this cafe cost less than 100NTD, which is quite difficult to find at this price in Taichung. The coffee ice-cube consists of the Cocoa de Veronia and Espresso. As the ice-cube slowly melt, we are able to taste the different level of coffee mixed with the milk, which makes this cup of coffee latte special.


Visit: FB DM Cafe Fan Page

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