[Eat] Taiwan, Taichung- Su Heng Restaurant 蘇杭小館

We were brought to this well-known local restaurant in Taichung by our friend who is a local. Su Heng is a restaurant which is famous for its Jiangzhe Cuisine and Shanghai-style dim sum.

Suheng Restaurant 蘇杭小館

A small restaurant that is situated between the junction of Taichung East District Jinhua and Lixing Road. It is located along the roadside, you need to look up to look for the signboard and it was featured on the Taiwan Famous Food variety show (食尚玩家).

For more information, visit their facebook page.


No. 268, Jinhua Road, East District, Taichung City, Taiwan 401



150NTD~300NTD ( Per person)

Operating Hour?




Closed on Monday

What did we order?

Xiaolong Tangbao (小籠湯包)  *Recommended*

Noodle (乾麵)

Salted mustard greens with Tofuskin (雪菜百葉), *Recommended*

Dumpling (水餃 )

Vegetarian stream dumpling (素蒸餃)

Li Shan Cabbage (梨山高麗菜)

Other recommended dishes that you might want to try,

Wuxi pork ribs (無錫排骨), Meat vegetable Dumpling (菜肉餛飩),  Stewed meatball (紅燒獅子頭), Smelly tofu (香炒臭豆腐), Braised Crucian Carp(蔥燒鯽魚)


We had an enjoyable lunch at this restaurant, the food is quite good. I like the Salted mustard greens with Tofuskin and Xiaolong Tangbao. Sadly, we did not order a lot as we have to go for another food trip elsewhere. Food quality is good and the cost is reasonable, not too expensive. The place is quite small with a few tables for dining in but there are larger tables on the 2nd floor for a bigger group of guests. If we were to go back to Taichung, I would like to try other dishes too.

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