[Fly] Flying off with ANA

It has been some time since I last board ANA, which is like more than 10 years ago. And now because of the promotion and my last minute planning to fly, I am sitting in ANA plane ready to take off~

ANA has the best option out of the other airline, which I made a comparison to, this is a summary of my experience with them.

Waiting to board the flight:

Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER:

New seats and interior design


Snack Bag:

Breakfast Menu:

Breakfast meal on board:

Tokyo to Singapore

The return flight waiting to board the plane:

Snack on board:

Dinner of the day

What I had?

Herb Flavored Sauteed chicken with red wine sauce


Flight experience?

Got to get some sleep on the plane because there was not much entertainment shows or movie for me to watch and it was quiet even though the passenger beside us was a mother carrying an infant when we were getting over to Narita.

However, during my flight back was a nightmare as the child sitting behind me was kicking my chair and throwing tantrum. I was so tired to even complain about it but to bear with it as the whole journey back even my friends sitting on the same row was affected too.


The chair of this plane cannot be reclined you could only move the bottom of your seat forward which is a great idea but will eat up your legroom.Which will cause a little uncomfortable for some (Including me) and there are not much in flight entertainment too. Flying back have more movies, i think might be because it is the start of the month? I am not sure about it.


I choose the porridge for my breakfast it was yummy and i like it. Rarely have a chance to eat porridge in a plane, since i always choose western meal. Got to taste a little of the mushroom frittata with pork sausage, which was quite alright…normal i think. Dinner was alright but did the menu said red wine sauce? Ok, didn’t taste like it though maybe the herb have covered the taste, alright it is a decent dinner but the dessert is not what i like.



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