[Fly] Flying to Japan with Thai Airways

My first flight with Thai Airways was pleasant. We bought the ticket for quite a reasonable price, which requires a transit at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. We enjoyed our transit time at the clean and spacious airport. The flight timing to Osaka and Tokyo was better if we were to compare it with Singapore Airlines, even after taking into consideration the transit time.

Thai Airway

 Both flights that we took to Japan were with Boeing 777

Singapore to Kansai International Airport


08h25m -13h30m (1 stop in  Bangkok)

**Depend on your transit time**

Meal On Board

In-flight cuisine is towards Thai flavour, which I like it. However, their dessert was too sweet for me, so I was not able to finish it.

Breakfast on flight~ SIN-BKK

On the day of our travel to Osaka Kansai Airport, there was a slight delay of the flight. Unfortunately, we did not get the information, until we saw the screen board sawing the delay time. It was 45 minutes delay and

Dinner from BKK-KIX

Narita to Singapore

Taking the flight back to Singapore, we have a 4-hour stopover at Sukhumvit International Airport.


11h10m -12h20m (1 stop in  Bangkok)

**Depend on your transit time**

Meal On Board


Lunch on board

Dinner On board



The flight attendants were all nice and friendly. Even though the in-flight entertainment was not showing the latest movie and music, but it was good enough for us.

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  1. Moritz

    Especially the food looks quite good. Many Asian airlines are really good, Thai is one of them! Thanks for the review 🙂

    1. Kaerin

      Hi~!~! Yes, they taste good too 😛 I think the basil minced pork rice taste good 🙂 and their snacks. Yummy~ True i love the different airline, different food culture on board.

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