[Fly] Taking Vueling back to Barcelona

How can we end our Spain and Portugal trip without Barcelona? We book our flight with one of the budget airline in Spain, Vueling Airline to head back to Barcelona, from Lisbon.

Vueling Airline

Vueling Airline has 2 flight flying to Barcelona Daily from Lisbon airport. For more schedule or flight there is another airline flying on this route too.


110 Minutes

Time zone:

Lisbon +00:00

Spain +01:00

Lisbon is 1 hour behind Spain


45EUR ~99EUR

Varies with your requirement. It depends whether you need check-in baggage or not. Please refer to the website for more information on the cost.


Just like any other budget airline, if you wish to have check-in luggage like us, I will suggest to purchased the Optima fare which includes checked in baggage of 23kg and to choose your preferred seats.

Baggage Notice

  • You can carry one piece of hand luggage no heavier than 10 kg and no larger than 55x40x20 cm.
  • You can also carry another smaller bag or case measuring no more than 35x20x20 cm and one additional bag containing any purchases made at the airport. They must both fit under the front seat.

**This is by far the best budget airline I have seen with the weight restriction of their hand luggage, as of current most budget airline will limit up to 8kg only.

If you are still unsure of your free baggage allowance, do check it here.



Bird view:



Given that Vueling is a budget airline but that did not discount the whole experience we had on board. The flight was great, and we were able to see the beautiful skyline, mainly due to the fantastic weather that day. It was a comfortable flight, the flight attendants were friendly and served with a smile on their face. Kindly keep in mind that this is a budget airline, leg space might not be acceptable for some people, however, we are fine with the leg space. Most importantly, I enjoyed my flight and even managed to have a short nap too.

For more flight information, check out at their official website.


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