[Trip] Germany, Munich – A day in Munich city center

Spending a day at the Munich city centre can be interesting too. With all the important attractions, delicious cuisine and not forgetting the long shopping street that will let you spent a day here without realising a day has passed. Here are some of the places we visited and things we have done in a day.


This large central square is the in the city centre in Munich, Germany since 1158. It is surrounded by several famous building and a popular meeting place, with a lot of cafes and restaurants.

Little to know:

Marienplatz is once a famous marketplace where important tournament and festival took place. It was originally known as the marketplace or Schrannen but was renamed as the Marienplatz (St. Mary’s Square),

New town hall (Neues Rathaus)



Observation tower:


2.50 EUR

Child (Age 7-18)


Operating hours:

Monday- Friday


What to see?


The Glockenspiel or more widely known as the cuckoo clock is the largest in Germany and the 4th largest in Europe. It has 43 bells and the largest of which weighs over 1,300 kg. The Glockenspiel shows about a royal wedding, following a jousting tournament and ritualistic dance called the “Schäfferltanz”.



Glockenspiel Play:

11:00, 12:00 and 17:00

The performance last for 12 or 15 minutes (Depending on what tune it play).

What to see?


We gave st peter church a missed that day as it was raining and it is a long climb up the steps. Since we have visited the Neues Rathaus tower, it is good enough. The must-see would be the glockenspiel play it is very interesting and you do not need to go very close to the building to watch.


The famous market that sell fresh food and delicatessen, it was ordered to be built up by King Maximilian I when the food market of the city had grown too large for the central square Marienplatz.

Over the years, it has grown and enlarged to the size consisting of 140 stalls that sold a wide variety of exotic ingredients that can only be found here such as fresh fruits, fresh meats, tea, flower and more.


Operating Hours

During the following hours, all stalls and shops are open.

Monday to Friday

10:00 – 18:00


10:00 – 15:00

To note:

Depending on individual stalls, some stall will open earlier and some close later.

What to see?

Little stores that sell herbs, dry food, flower, meat etc.

The Maypole in Viktualienmarkt, where people dance around it during the festival :

What we had?



Original (Little spicy)


Smoked Sausage


Operating Hours:

Mon- Fri




What did we order?



We like the smoked sausage bun more and it was really delicious a simple snack to have after you shop around the marketplace. The bun is not the usual soft bun, it is more crispy and chewy. There are 2 types of sauce to add on, the mustard or ketchup. Both are a great combination with the sausage.


A great place to spend your day shopping, eating and having a great view of the city. Would recommend walking from Karlsplatz (Stachus) Station down the street to all the famous landmarks and tourist attraction. Otherwise, you can also alight at Marienplatz station which is in the middle of the busy district where the New town hall is at. Can start your day by walking at the busy shopping street or sip a cup of coffee in a cafe along a small street have a relaxing afternoon doing people watch it is the best thing to do there.


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