[Get] Hong Kong- Jenny Bakery (珍妮曲奇)

The “Hot stuff” to buy in Hong Kong as gift for friends/ family. It have been famous for years but recently it have hit its prime as more and more people know this cookie the more difficult it have become to buy.

Heard from my Hong Kong friend that last time they does not need to queue for so long and no restriction of how many tins we could buy. I will put it down later.

You might ask what is so much of a big deal for a cookie?

Which i also have the same mind set as all, i try not to follow the crowd but then it must have been famous for some reason right?  Why not have a try ?
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What to buy?

8 mix cookie ( **hot item** always sold out)

4 mix cookie- small

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4-mix: (S) HKD$70 (L) HKD$130

8-mix: (S) HKD$120 (L) HKD$190


There are 2 branch:

1. Tsim Sha Tsui: Shop 24 Ground Floor, Mirador Mansion,54-64 Nathan Road.

2. Sheung Wan: 15 Wing Wo Street, Ground Floor.

Operating Hours?

1. 09:00 – 18:30

2. 10:00 – 19:00

*Store may close earlier if goods are sold out*

Special Note:

  • There are fake Jenny Cookie selling within Hong Kong, please go down to purchase the cookie directly from this 2 store.
  • Please collect the number coupon from the lady in charge, the queue start outside the building for Tsim Sha Tsui branch
  • There are a limited of tin per customer could purchase (*varies everyday), that day that we went there are no limited.
  • Please prepare to inform the staff how many you want to purchase as it was very crowded and cash ready.



Cookie was really good and addictive,rich buttery smell. Suitable for all age not too sweet.

I’ve set quite a high standard for this cookie as i have to queue quite long for it but I am not disappointed. Package was really nice, suitable for giving your friends/ colleagues as a gift.

If you ask me if i were to queue again, maybe if my family or friends needs me to help them purchase. Otherwise, i got other things to do which is more important.

(Update: 22/5/15)

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