[Trip] Switzerland- A Guide From Lucerne to Mount Pilatus Golden Round Trip

A detailed step by step guide from Lucerne to Mount Pilatus using the Golden Round Trip. The well-known route that takes you to the most spectacular spots and summit using Boat, Cogwheel Railway, Cableway and Panorama Gondolas.

Mount Pilatus Golden Round Trip

Step 1: Lucerne To Alpnachstad (By Boat)

Grab a ticket at the counter on that day or if you are holding on a Swiss travel pass, SBB GA/AG Card you do not need a boat ticket and can purchase the ticket at the mountain railway tickets on-site at Alpnachstad.


1st class tickets

With Half-Fare Card: CHF 59.20

Without: CHF 117.60

2nd class ticket

With Half-Fare Card: CHF 52.20

Without: CHF 103.60

Where to buy Golden round trip tickets?




If you did not purchase the Swiss travel pass, please compare and read up on the 2 service provider that I have put up, as both itineraries are slightly different so compare and check with the service provider directly.


50-90 minutes

Where to board the boat?

Check the boarding time at the screen:

Board the boat at Number 2 Pier.

Waiting for the boat.

We bought the 1st class Swiss travel pass, which we were able to have the seat at the upper deck.

Tips or suggestion:

Keep yourself warm as the upper deck is cold and also wear a sunglass you will know the reason once you are there.

View at the upper deck.


Reached Alphnachstad

A short walk across to take the Cogwheel up to Pilatus.

Step 2: Alpnachstad – To the top of Mount Pilatus (By Cogwheel Railway)

Tickets can be purchased here or right at the start of the trip Lucerne Bahnhofquai ticket counter.

When purchasing the ticket, please present your Swiss travel pass to get the discount:


<<Book your Cogwheel Ticket Here>>

Things to note:

Cogwheel train ride (Operates from middle May till 15 November 2020)


40 Minutes

Check the timetable here.

There is a restaurant nearby if you would like to grab some food before getting up and there are also benches for you to rest while waiting for the next cogwheel railway.


The “best” seats are generally on the right-hand side (facing up) but towards the last part of the trip, the left-hand seats are also quite impressive. There are plenty of windows and you can stand up and take a look both upwards and downwards too, so you will get the view either way.

View along the way up to Mount Pilatus:

At the top of Pilatus

Snack bar at the top of the mountain:

Heading up to have the perfect view of Lucerne


We stayed there for about 2 hours and the view was awesome. Will suggest to bring your own food or snacks up, in case you feel hungry and can avoid spending money to purchase the food.

Step 3: Pilatus to Kriens (By Gondola)

Heading to Kriens:

The Gondola car is every 15 minutes to Kriens.

To note:

Panorama gondola ride (Closed due to revision 19 October to 6 November 2020)

Aerial cableways ride (Closed due to revision 19 October to 6 November 2020)

Total Duration:

30 minutes

Transit at Frakmuntegg to Kriens (By Cablecar)

We stopped halfway to Frakmuntegg:

An adventure park with lots of fun and thrilling activities.

Continuing our trip down to Kriens, beautiful scenery along the way:

You are able to purchase your ticket over here at Kriens to start your golden round trip too.

Step 4: Kriens to Lucerne (By Bus)

A short walk to the bus station to get back to Lucerne:

Follow the sign and you will get to the bus stop:


15 minutes


Free (With Swiss Travel Pass)

Single ticket

2.50 CHF (Short distance tickets for up to 6 stops within half an hour)

Take bus No.1 or 5 at Zentrum Pilatus stop back to Lucerne bus terminal.


The must-have trip if you are staying Lucern. The perfect way to spend your day taking 4 different kinds of transportation and to see Lucerne in a different view. We were lucky as the weather was good when we climb up to the observatory platform, we were able to see the stunning views of Lucerne and the Swiss Alps.

Tip: Get the Swiss travel pass so that you can save quite a lot during this trip.

To know more, visit Pilatus.ch.

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