[Help] Using locker storage at Germany Train station

We had to place our luggage in Hamburg as our Airbnb can only check-in in the afternoon, but we reached too early so we have to search for a place to store our backpacks and bags for a few hours. We found that inside the station they have 2 kinds of locker service, one is the coin locker and the other one is the baggage centre after much thought we decided to go with the coin locker as it is more convenient for us and cheaper.


All of the Hauptbahnhof station

One of the coin lockers is located at platforms 7-8 and the signage is quite easy to spot, we just followed the sign and found the place.

How much?

Depends on where you are putting your luggage

Coin Locker:

2 Hours- 3 EUR

Up to 24 hours- 6 EUR

Up to 48 hours- 12 EUR

Up to a maximum of 72 hours- 18 EUR

DB baggage center(‘Gepack center’):

5 EUR per item

Operating hours:

Coin locker


Manned luggage

Mon-Sun: 08:00-20:00

Click here for more information.

How to use it?

Find an empty locker with a key.

The locker looks a little rusty but still usable. We put in 1 backpack 4 small bags which fit in nicely.

We prepared some coins as we know that we would need them.

After putting in all the coins, we closed the locker door and pull out the key.

We took a photo of our locker number and the key in case we forgot where we put it.

For more details about the locker or luggage storage centre, here are a few helpful links:

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