[Help] Getting Tax refund in Thailand, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Getting a tax refund at Suvarnabhumi Airport is simple and fast, the process is quite straight forward at first I thought that it would be time-consuming. This post will share the tax refund procedure experience there.

Before getting to the Airport- Get the sales assistant to issue the VAT Application Form (P.P.10)

To get the tax refund back here are some of the requirements that you will need:

  1. Purchased goods from stores displaying VAT REFUND FOR TOURISTS”
  2. Goods must take out of Thailand with the traveller within 60 days from the date of purchase.
  3. Goods must be purchased for at least 2,000 baht (VAT included) per day per store.
  4. On the purchasing date, tourists must present Passports and ask the sales assistant to issue the VAT Refund Application for Tourists form (P.P.10) with the original tax invoices

The staff will help you process to prepare your tax refund application form.

you will need to show your passport however, you do not need to bring your real passport just need to show the photo you took with all the necessary details on it.

TAX REFUND- Step-by-Step guide

Step 1-  Proceed to get your custom stamp

Proceed to the VAT Refund Counter to get your custom stamp first before checking in your luggage.

Prepare the following documents and the items you have purchased.

Check that all your P.P. 10 and receipts have been stamped by the Customs officer.

(No custom stamp = No Refund)


source: Vat Tax Refund

Opening Hours: 

Monday – Sunday:


Little tips:

Fragile/expensive goods or products should be packed in a hand-carry bag.

Small items, can be placed inside a transparent bag, so it will be easier for the customs officer to see them.

If items are inside the luggage, packed the items at the top of the luggage so that once it is opened they can be easily retrieved. Don’t start to search for the item at the counter, as it will be a waste of time for not only yourself but holding back the queue for other passengers.

Step 2 – Check in your luggage

After getting the custom stamp check-in your luggage and get your ticket issued.

Step 3 – Get Your Tax Refund 

Bring along all the documents that have been stamped and signed by the customs officer to the counter to get your refund.

If the goods you are holding are more than 10,000 baht is best to present your goods at the counter as they might need to see the items.


Concourse D1-D4 or D5-D8

The queue at D5-D8 was shorter than at D1-D4.

Note: The VAT refund counter can be found at the furthest end of the airport.

Queue up to get your refund.

To Note:

For refund amount not exceeding 30,000 baht, the refund payment can be made in the form a
– Cash (Thai baht only) or
– Bank draft in four currencies: US$, EURO, STERLING, YEN or
– Transfer into Credit card account (VISA, MASTERCARD, and JCB)

For refund amount exceeding 30,000 baht, the refund payment can be made in the form of a bank draft or transferred into a credit card account

They have closed all the boxes to drop the tax refund, thus all visitors will have to queue.

After I got my cash back, I was asked to sign the summary and given a carbon copy.


The whole tax refund process from the VAT Refund Custom counter, to check-in and getting our boarding pass took last than an hour. As the queue are not too long that day.

After checking in, the refund counter is a little far as I took the wrong turn and ended up at the other end of the boarding gate.

Luckily, the queue was not too long, and I got my tax refund in cash as it was not that much. Would suggest that you arrive at the airport 2-3 hours earlier so that you have enough time to complete the tax refund.

Always pack your goods properly as the customs officer might request to see them and take a photo or make a copy of your receipts and forms.


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