[Move] Hong Kong Bus Transportation Guide (Update: 2017)

Are you traveling to Hong Kong for the first time and hop on the bus but does not know how? This post will provide you the Hong Kong bus transportation guide which gives you another option get to the city from the airport or interested in touring around Hong Kong by bus instead of the regular transportation known like MTR/ Subway.

**Kindly check from the hotel if they offer free shuttle bus from the airport to your respective hotel.**

Hong Kong Bus Guide

Airport to city

There are lots of buses to take from the airport to the city.

To check for detail, click here.

I will only put down the details and information of city bus, do note there is another bus company available too.



It varies from the stops you are dropping off at, if you are crossing the island it will cost more.

Eg. To Hung Hom Station, 33HKD.

Ap Lei Chau, 48HKD.

Where to board?

Airport Passenger Terminal


What to get?

You can get your ticket at the ticketing counter at Airport Ground Transportation Centre (next to coach terminus)

They do offer bus package, click here for more information.

If not, get yourself an Octopus card will do.


Taking city bus within the city:

Getting around all the Hong Kong Island.

Popular tourist location can be easily reached by the city bus.

Where are some of the popular place it will stop?

Some of the place I always go by taking city bus:

Temple Street

1881 Heritage

Lan Kwai Fong

“SOHO” district

To note:
This places might be convenient for me to take the bus from my hotel, however, please check if taking a bus is more convenient or more worth it for your trip.


Octopus card

Cash, Kindly inform the driver your destination

**Pay the exact amount, drivers do not have change.


It varies from the distance if you are unsure there is a bus stop board that shows the price at the stand, if not you could ask the driver.

Mini-Bus/Public Light Bus

The 2 type of Minibus, the red and the green top. Beside the MTR and franchised buses, this is the third largest transportation mean in terms of their daily passenger journeys counts.

Green mini-bus

Green top mini-bus have fixed route and stops.

(Photo: hansens-hikes)


Green top-Fixed rate

Ranging from 3HKD -10.50HKD

**Depending on the route and island


16 seats, no standing




2 cents opinion:

I will recommend taking the green top minibus, as it is safer at least you know where to drop off and sometimes the bus driver will shout the stop for you to get off ( in Cantonese only and if you are lucky sometimes basic Mandarin).But not to worry much as nowadays the green minibus have bells to press before drop off.

Red Mini Bus

Red top mini-bus have a route with no fixed stop.

(Photo: hansens-hikes)


Unfixed rate

Ranging from 3HKD -10HKD

**Sometimes it will cause more during peak hours


16 seats, no standing


Cash (Most of the buses)

Octopus card

Check for more details here.

2 Cents Opinion:

This Red top minibus is a huge challenge for foreigner or tourist, you have to understand Cantonese and even have the speaking ability as you need to tell the driver you are going to drop off next stop. Not an easy task and you need to know where the bus route is going along too. Recently, with the help of 16bus.net, it has become much easier, but the drivers of red top minibus sometimes drive like an F1 Car Racer, which can be scary and it is best to buckle up once you are on the bus. To prevent yourself from flying out of your seats.


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