[Eat] Hong Kong – Food around Tai Kok Tsui

This is my first time staying near Tai Kok Tsui Area and didn’t really expect much there. But I am wrong! This place has good food and a great place to try some of the simple local delicacies. There are quite a few good restaurants nearby which we saw have lots of people queuing outside to wait for seats. However, due to the time constraint, we could only try out 2 restaurants there.

Hua Fa Roast Hotpot Restaurant (華發燒味小廚茶餐廳)

After resting our feet in the hotel room, we went over to this small diner that was situated opposite street of our hotel, which was recommended by the concierge staff, for a simple lunch.


Operating Hours:

06:30 – 23:00




What did we order?

Fish ball Pho:

Wonton Noodle:

Ice Lemon Tea:

Ice Yuan Yang:


I wouldn’t say it was fantastic, however, it was a simple yet filling lunch. I do enjoy the fishball which is my favorite HongKong fishball that cannot be found in Singapore but I do know other Cha Chaan Teng (Tea Restaurant) that sell better fish ball pho though. As for the wonton noodle is quite decent too, as this is not a wonton specialty restaurant. I felt that the food are all quite well prepared, as for the ambiance wise it is just a typical Cha Chaan Teng where local will head to for food and please do not expect excellent service this is not the kind of  “Restaurant” you expect it to be.

Daishifu Congee (大师傅粥品)

We were craving for some late night supper after a long day of walking and shopping. And decided to try out this congee stall, that we walked past in the morning when we saw the crispy Youtiao outside of the stall.  It was quite crowded when we were inside as most of the seats were occupied.


Operating Hours:

06:00- 24:00 (Daily)





Sampan Congee with preserved egg:

Congee with preserved egg & sliced pork:

Fried youtiao (Fried Chinese Breadstick )


The congee we had were delicious and the ingredient in it was a lot and I couldn’t finish the whole bowl.  This place is a gem when craving for some late night supper but didn’t want to eat street food like curry fishball etc… A great bowl of congee with the fresh and yummy ingredient, next time if I have a chance maybe I will try a smaller serving which doesn’t have so much ingredient in it.

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