[Eat] Hong Kong- Giant Seafood Hot Pot

Hong Kong is not only about dim sum and dessert. There is other delicious and interesting food to try out and one of it would be 打邊爐 in “Cantonese”, which means steamboat/ hot pot. A must go to place if I am in Hong Kong for dinner, regardless it is winter or summer. Giant Seafood Hot Pot Seafood restaurant is introduced by my Hong Kong friend and told me that is one of the famous hot pot restaurants now.

Giant Seafood Hot Pot Restaurant (大鍋口海鮮火鍋專門店)


How to get there?

Get off at Jordon station, exit D. The building is less than 5 minutes walk from the station.

Wait for the elevator to go up to 12F:

Operating Hours:

17:00 – 28:00 (Daily)












To note:

-Time limit 2 hours 30 minutes

-Leaving before 19:00 will have a discount of $20HKD

-Waiting time 1 hour- 1.5hours for seats, reservation by phone call only.


Free soup base, an additional cost of $48HKD for Yuan Yang pot:

No English menu available:

What did we order?

Soup base: White Pepper Pig’s Stomach

The food we got, too many to name and take individual photos of it.

However, remember to order the Charcoal grilled cheese ball (炭燒芝心丸) and Sliced Black pork(黑豚肉片).


The soup is good and the longer you cook it, the sweeter it gets. The good thing about this place would be the variety of food to choose from, and food served are all fresh and tasty.  Fans of meat and seafood, they served black pork, big prawns and sliced fish. For buffet restaurant with this pricing in Hong Kong is considered reasonable given the freshness. portion and variety of food.

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