[Trip] Hong Kong- Half day in Peng Chau

This has been on my bucket list, after stepping my first solo journey to explore Lamma Island in the past, to visit all the 4 outlying islands in Hong Kong. Now, I have completed all the 4 islands and Peng Chau is my last island to visit.

Even though many people might have heard of this place, but to compare with its large outlying neighbors, this island has always been skipped pass or there is no good reason to visit here. However, I am here to said that this little island might be more than what it seems.

Peng Chau

Situated off the north-east coast of Lantau Island, there is this small Island, Peng Chau. This island is tranquil, uncrowded and less polluted. Unlike the other islands that are crowded with noisy party teenagers and tour groups from Mainland China.

Once we step off the ferry we were welcome by a basketball court, supermarket, community center with library and cafe, this is what I have not expected or should I said this is not what I thought it will be.  It seems like our neighborhood area, elderly sitting down on the bench drinking a cup of coffee, young adults in the community center playing sports.

For some travelers, this place might seem a little too boring as there are not much entertainment here. However, if you are here to unwind yourself this would be the best place to be.

How to get there?

The only access to the island is by ferry transportation.

Where to go?

We will be hiking up the finger hill, have a simple meal and head back to the city center.

Our first stop before heading up the finger hill, at Tin Hau Temple to pray for a safe journey ahead.

Finger Hill

The highest point in Peng Chau, 95m tall finger hill with a 360 undisrupted sea view.


30-40 minutes (one-way hike)

Here is the starting point of the hike:

Along the way up, there is a small cemetery beside the walking trail, which we didn’t expect that and luckily I have my friend with me. To be frank, if you are alone hiking up the hill is scary because there are no one walking on the path.

This fire beater can be found in the rural area, to extinguish the minor fire.

On the way to the top never ending stairs:

Rewarded with this view halfway to the top:

At the top of the hill:

After the hike up, we have a short rest at the Feng Ping Pavillion (鳳萍亭). Taking photos, rest our feets, enjoying the breeze and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Even though the Finger Hill seem to be an easy trail but it is not.

We were able to see Lantau Island from afar, thanks to the clear sky that day.


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