[Eat] Hong Kong, Peng Chau- Kee Sum Cafe

After having a walk at Peng Chau, it is time for a meal at the local restaurant. I’ve found this local café, Kee Sum Café, that was well-known among the locals.  Their review is above average too, especially the shrimp toast that was introduced. It is a common food, that was served in Dim Sum restaurants as an appetizer or snack. I am curious about how it would taste like and why people would want to patronize this café purely for the shrimp toast.

Kee Sum Cafe (祺森冰室)

A traditional Bing Sutt that was on the Peng Chau Island for more than 40 years and currently it is hand over to his next generation, the 3rd generation, to continue this family business. The signature dish of the café is the shrimp toast that was highly recommended by the locals and food critics. It is the must order dish when you are at Peng Chau.


Operating Hours:

08:00- 16:30

**Close on Monday



To note:

All set meal comes with a drink, for a cold drink will add an additional of $2HKD.

For other drinks instead of the coffee or tea, it will be an additional charge of $6HKD.


No English menu available

Gong Zai Noodle with Sauage and Egg Set with coffee or tea, $35HKD

Shrimp Toast (4Pcs), $40HKD

Fried chicken wings, $30HKD

Ice Lemon Tea


This Bing Sutt is famous for its shrimp toast, however to me, it tastes normal but worth trying if you had not eaten that before. As the shrimp toast does not have much taste, therefore, it must go along with the mayonnaise. Their main dish, Gong Zai Noodle with Sauage and Egg Set was delicious. I felt that their food appeal to younger adults or even school kids more. Especially the chicken wing tastes like my primary school canteen’s chicken wing. It was simple and even though it was a crowded Bing Sutt in the neighborhood area, I still loved the place as it brought us closer to the locals.

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