[Play] Iceland- One Day Adventure in Reykjavik

When you see the word adventure, what would you think of? Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, rock climbing etc…

For us we wanted to do something different from other places that we went before, so what kind of adventure should we do? We got a long list in mind but we only have 2 free days. And to accommodate my traveling kaki (partner), she is not into thrilling activities, so NO bungee jump, skydiving, mountain climbing uh-uh (too tiring).  We are left with 4 choices, whale watching(Pass), Glacier hike (Pass),  Riding a horse (Yes) and Helicopter ride (Yes).

Obviously, there are lots of activities to do in Iceland but that is our final choice. And I am totally excited about it~!~!

Islenski Hesturinn-The Icelandic Horse

Riding on the Icelandic Horse, was not what I dreamt of. Riding a horse for Singaporean would means you are from a well to do family where you can have the chance to learn riding or another way to ride a horse is in the zoo (Oops! I think is a pony) but whatever it is I have never in my life ride a horse before, not even a pony. And why I wanted to do it, is actually to try and experience something that I have never thought of doing. I felt that Iceland would be a great place to have such an experience, with the beautiful scenery and special Icelandic horse.


There is 2 slot every day, morning at 9:30 and afternoon at 14:00 for their classic volcanic landscape riding tour. And we booked the morning slot thinking of having some free time to wander around in the downtown.


About 2.5 hours, inclusive introduction, preparation, and riding. Approximately 1.5 hours on horseback. Pick up and drop off not included in duration.

Age Limit:

12 years age limit


English (most of the tours), also possible on special request in Danish, Norwegian, French, Swedish and Faroese and of course fluent Icelandic

Pick up

We were pick up by the owner from our apartment and after that, he went over a few places to pick up other tour mates and head off to the barn, which is 10-15 minutes away from town.

They actually have this service to pick up the guests from Hotels and Guesthouses within Reykjavik downtown and nearby. Morning tour picks up between 8:45 and 9:15, and afternoon pick up between 13:15 and 13:45.




10-15 minutes drive from Reykjavík City Center (self-driving guests is also welcome)

When we reached the barn we were greeted by our instructor, Oris, we had a short introduction of ourselves so that he understand our ability and allocate the horse that suits you.  He also briefed us on the history of Icelandic horses, safety instruction and basic riding tactics, and discussion. Our group consists a mixture of riders total 10 riders experts, the non-experience (like me), some who have ridden once or twice before, so it was rather an interesting combination.

Little to Know:

The Icelandic horse is not vaccinated so it is best not to use your own gloves or horse riding equipment to prevent cross contamination.

After the briefing, we were then asked to store all our personal belonging at the little rest house, and you could borrow their gloves, boots and waterproof clothes if you want before the ride. Set off to meet our horse and bond with them.  They look so cute~!~! The ride on the horse took around 1.5 hours. And we are good to go~!

On our own in 2 line:

Trying to cross the pond, this was fun and exciting, lost control of my horse for a while trying to get her in line with her mates:

A photo of me and RÖÐULL(Evening Sun), finally at the photo spot and it was snowing. See my face↓ even though I am smiling but nope I think my face just freeze.

While making our way back, we were told to let our horse perform the 5th gait: tölt (the flying pace)

Okay, and it did! which made me felt like I am flying off my saddle because it was fast.

Back at the barn, to bid goodbye to Rodull. She is such a sweet horse, even though I am an inexperienced rider but she was so nice and didn’t throw temper at me:

Our horses are playing and having fun:

Bidding goodbye to our horses~

To book or reservation: Icelandic Horse Riding


Our group mates were friendly too and one of the expert riders even talked to me and made me feel safe while riding the horse. The Instructors were kind and friendly, if you need help they will be by your side to assist you. I had a really great and unforgettable experience with the Islenski Hesturinn and being able to ride a horse on my own with little assistance.

Nordurflug Helicopter- Helicopter Ride

Have you ever thought of looking over the city in a bird’s eye view in a helicopter and this is what I dreamt of, it is so cool! Even though skydiving is cooler~!  This is our afternoon event of the day, actually, we made a reservation for the next day and was given a call by the crew that the weather would be bad to fly tomorrow, so we have to shift it.


Reykjavik Summit Helicopter Tour (Promotion)

26,900ISK (Per pax)


The total duration of the tour is 30-45 minutes.

15-20 minute guided helicopter flight and a 15-minute landing on a nearby mountain (Depending on helicopter type and weather)


How to get there?

Best is to get a cab or you are staying in Icelandair Reykjavik Natura would be great. And if you are driving I don’t think it matter.

Operating Hours:


08:00 – 21:00


08:00 – 22:00

The rest area before take off:

We got a freebie:

Um…this propeller plane looks cute

Our helicopter for the day, the black beauty:

In the helicopter, which can carry up to 8 passengers:

Take off:

Reached the top of the volcanic hill:

Breathtaking scenery:

Climbed up here to have a better view of the landscape

After 15-20 minutes at the top taking photos and walking around, got to head back:

To book and reserve a slot: Nordurflug Helicopter


A well spent 45 minutes tour, I felt that everyone should at least try once in your lifetime, an incredible experience. Their pilot was very friendly and knowledgeable and he even did a helicopter trick for us when we were returning back and that was really fun.

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