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The apartment that we stayed for 2 days before we head off to meet our tour group. Beautiful little residence suite, with a convenient location. There are other options like hotel or Airbnb around Reykjavik, if you look around and compare actually their rates are almost the same, so now it depends on which looks more appealing to you.  It might be because there was only 2 of us and a group of 4 would get a cheaper rate?

We were looking at the reviews, photos of the room etc and this caught our eyes.

Reykjavik Residence Suites



Studio Room with Airport pick up (Per room/night)

24,063 – 38,187ISK(* Price Varies) 

How the interior look like?

Living room:


Safe and closet:


Tv and desk:

Our bed:

For reservation: Reykjavik Residence Suites


We were lucky during the time we stayed at Reykjavik Residences Suite, it was the opening of their new residence hotel bar, Port 9. Which located a few minutes away from our residence and the breakfast is free for the guest to try and give feedback but now it is chargeable.


Veghúsastígur 9, 101 Reykjavik








Amazing Interior, chic and classy feel:

What we had?

Simple Breakfast of the day


We had a pleasant stay with the residence suite and the staff they were friendly and informative. It was walkable distant to the shopping district and to ‘Harpe’ the must to visit if you are in Reykjavik since it is walkable from Reykjavik Residences. The studio was just nice and comfortable for 2,  all cooking utensil that was provided by them were well taken care of, even their housekeeping was tip top, this leaves us a good impression of Iceland and the people there. However, this apartment doesn’t have an elevator so if you are carrying large luggage you might have to carry it up on your own, we were lucky that we got the room on the first floor.


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