[Data] ANA x NINJA WiFi Campaign

Never thought of getting a pocket wifi for my trip in Japan. As you all who have been following my post knows that I always get the Prepaid sim card, as I travel solo. However, this time I got myself this pocket wi-fi and the reason cause I am with my friends and is a collaboration of ANA with Ninja Wi-fi.


Didn’t hesitate to join this campaign since is free and just nice the promotion is for 4 days.

Some of the information of the pocket wi-fi:

ModelPocket WiFi 303ZT
Cost (excl. tax) Yen$900/day
Broadband standardSoftBank 4G LTE / SoftBank 4G
Data LimitUnlimited
Transmission RateDownloading speed(Max)SoftBank 4G LTE up to 187.5Mbps / SoftBank 4G up to 165Mbps
Uploading speed(Max)SoftBank 4G LTE up to 37.5Mbps / SoftBank 4G up to 10Mbps

* Please be aware that exceeding 3GB in a day can result in a loss of speed and possibly a temporary loss of connection.
* Due to the best effort system, transmission rates may slow down or reach no connectivity depending on internet traffic. Moreover, transmission rates vary among usage areas.

Pickup/ return:

Hotels/apartment (500Yen +Tax) *one way

Shinjuku counter (Delivery Free)

Airports (Delivery Free)

Collected mine at Narita Airport T1:

What is included?

– Pocket wi-fi

– Charging Cable

– Instruction manual

– Pouch

For more information: Ninja Wi-Fi

  • Can be share with lots of people (up to 14 pax)
  • no extra charge when delivering to the airport
  • Fast internet speed


  • Need to stay in your group, no solo activity
  • limitation of speed once 3Gb is used
  • battery life can be a little hassle



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