[Eat] Japan, Osaka- Universal Studio Japan Snack Time

This will be a short post, I am putting this post individually is because i want to introduce this interesting snack that you should not miss.

We just have snacks along the way.
We stopped when we see the snack store. Each attraction have their own attracting snack, which is the characters bun~!~! Which made me gone crazy because is so cute~~ 😀

My first snack was snoopy and hello kitty bun~! And when we walk around, we found a few more.

The buns doesn’t really fill us up, while we had finish 2 buns we were still hungry,so we got ourselves the lovely turkey leg~!~!


Want to know what is their fillings ???

Snoopy – Custard

2014-12-16 13.40.042014-12-16 13.37.06

Hello Kitty – Cheese and pork

2014-12-16 13.36.58

Elmo – Curry

2014-12-16 14.15.09IMG_1100

There is one more flavor that i didn’t have a chance to try it, which is the Spider-Man bun, which is Chinese filing not really sure what was in it. And recently, they have also added Minion bun braised pork (角煮) filing.  Goodness~!~! why I am not there now?!?!

Next post will be on our day in Osaka Castle and Kyoto Arashiyama~!~!

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