[Move] Taking Fujisan View Express to have a glimpse of Mt Fuji

A transportation guide for friends, who are interested in visiting Kawaguchiko and having a ride on Fujisan View Express.

A short introduction of Fujisan View Express. It started operating this year in April, as a commemoration of Fuji Kyuukou, the railway company 90th anniversary. It was known as the train which brings you closest to Mt Fuji. And for train lovers, this train is designed by Eiji Mitooka, who was also the designer for Seven Stars in Kyushu.

To Ōtsuki Station

Getting onto the Fujisan View Express train or other Fujikyu Railway trains, we have to transfer at Ōtsuki Station(大月駅).

**I will only cover from Shinjuku station to Ōtsuki Station**


Other JR East Pass




Non-Reserved Seat



Around 67 Mins

Board the train at Platform No.10

Getting a reserved seat will be a good option:

After an hour plus at Ōtsuki Station:

Follow the blue sign to Fujikyu Railway, less than 5 minutes walk:

From Ōtsuki Station to Kawaguchiko Station

To transfer train, those who are holding to Japan Rail Pass, Japan East pass you will have to get in the line to purchase the ticket or at the ticketing machine at the left-hand side.

Cost (Non-reserved):

Japan Rail Pass- 1,540Yen (1,140Yen basic fare+ 400Yen express ticket)

Japan East pass – 1,540Yen (1,140Yen basic fare+ 400Yen express ticket)


Cost (Reserved):


**For the reserved seat you could purchase on the day before boarding (Only applicable if seats are available), or else you would have to reserve online.


Around 45 Minutes

Enter from here:

I got my reserved seat through the online reservation, you would need to queue at the sales counter to pay the fee or payment could be done on the train.
**As the train will be departing and the queue is too long, the train attendant at the sales counter told me to go ahead to board the train first, however, this is only applicable if you are holding onto JR TOKYO WIDE AREA PASS **

The Fujisan View Express

For reserved seat guest, proceed to the 1st cabin:

The train attendant will check your reservation letter or ticket and usher you to your seat:

Only reserved seat guest can enter the cabin.

Non-reserved seat, at cabin 2 and 3:


(Taken from: Fujisan view Express)

How does 1st cabin look like?

Here is my seat:

Sitting all alone at the round table, with full view of the front:

Here is how the first cabin looks like:

What is there to eat/drink?

For a reserved seat with only a 45 minutes ride, which cost 900 Yen is consider expensive. However, you are able to get unlimited free drinks.

Drinks shown below without price is free-flow:

I got myself their Fujisan Train bento(Only available on this train), which cost 500Yen.

The Bento portion was just nice, the vegetable was so yummy and fresh. Totally worth the money.

When reaching close to the final stop, I got myself a glass of orange juice:

What to see?

The cabin attendant will introduce the surrounding to us if we got past some of the famous places or things we got to see~

The Fuji Tozan Train:

Along the way to Kawaguchiko, cloudy day:

The cabin attendant told us that, if it was a clear day we could see Mount Fuji from here:

While waiting for track switch at Fujisan Station, Thomas train:

Taking a photo of the train driver seat:

Even though we didn’t have a chance to see the Mount Fuji we got a little souvenir, memorable stamp:

After 45minutes, at Kawaguchiko:


For a budget traveler, I felt that taking the bus is the easiest and cheapest way there. Provided that you are only planning to visit one place out of the city during your entire trip. However, taking the express bus would be only convenient if you are staying near Shinjuku, otherwise taking a train or a bus there would be almost the same time duration.

For train lovers and JR Rail Pass holders, taking the train to Kawaguchiko is a better option, even though you have to transfer 1 stop but everything is worth it. Seeing the beautiful scenery, seating on the comfortable seat and admiring the unique design of the train make your 45 minutes journey all worthwhile.


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  1. Hi, so if we have JR Tokyo wide pass, it is free to use Fujisan Express and Fujisan View Express, is that correct ?
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Hello Sylvia,
    Thank you for your message.
    Yes, it is free to use the pass on non-reserved seat for Fujisan express and Fujisan view express.

  3. Hi, after you arrive Kawaguchiko, is there any suggestion place to go.
    how you get back from Kawaguchiko to shinjuku, with same train? do you need to pay the return fee?
    thank you

    1. Hello John,
      Thank you for the message.

      1)after you arrive Kawaguchiko, is there any suggestion place to go?

      – You can visit my post https://www.gojiakhong.com/one-day-trip-kawaguchiko-japan/ with transport and place of interest.
2) how you get back from Kawaguchiko to shinjuku, with same train?

      – For the return trip from kawaguchiko to Shinjuku there are two train you can catch.
      One is the Fujisan express or Fujisan view express
      For more information you can visit this post too.

      3)do you need to pay the return fee?

      If you are holding onto the JR Tokyo wide Area pass or JR East Pass you do not need to pay.

      Hope these answer your queries.

  4. Hi
    Thank you for your reply.
    By the way, Can I email you directly, because this is our first time to Tokyo. and I need your advise.

    thank you


    1. Hello John,

      Thank you for the message.

      Sure! You can send me an email, however. may I know what kind of advice are you looking for?

      Looking forward to your reply.

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