[Eat] Japan, Himeji- Yamayoshi Anago Restaurant Review

After our walk at Himeji Castle, we were hungry and I wanted to try their famous Tonkatsu Curry Rice Sekishin but was closed that day. We had no other choice but to walk around to look for food in the end we walked back to this restaurant just beside it.

Yamayoshi Anago Restaurant

The restaurant is one of the must eat if you are in Himeji and was featured in quite a lot of Gourmet magazines.

Differences between Unagi and Anago

Unagi is freshwater eel and Anago is saltwater eel. Anago usually refers to as white-spotted conger eel, which can be found widely across the Northwest Pacific. On the other hand, Unagi is located in Japan’s river system, and due to a decrease in numbers, is more often than not raised in aquaculture ponds across the country.


301 Ekimaecho, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0927, Japan

Operating Hour:

11 :00 – 20:00 (L.O 19:30)


You can request for English or Chinese menu

What we had?


Consists of: Anago Rice with Grilled Anago, Soup and side dishes

Anago Meshi Don

Anago Rice and soup



We had an awesome lunch. The restaurant was not as crowded as we thought it would be, guess that is because we had a late lunch which is around 2 pm.

There are still some patrons, however, it was not fully seated. The place was not big and is quite squeezy which is like a typical and traditional Japanese family-own restaurant with only 14 seats.



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