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Getting around Kanazawa using their bus services, which is convenient and cost saving for tourist. There are normal city bus and special bus services that cover the major sightseeing locations. In this post, we will look at which type of bus services we can use, the coast and also the bus routes

Bus services in Kanazawa

Inside the Kanazawa station or outside the station at east gate exit where the Transportation Information Center Information is at. There are Information, free bus maps and also the staff are able to provide advice on what bus to take and ticket to buy.

Hokutetsu Bus One Day Pass

Hokutetsu One Day Pass is an unlimited ride ticket on buses including the Kanazawa Loop Bus, Kenrokuen Shuttle and other buses in designated areas. However, this pass is not able to use on the Kanazawa Light up Bus.

Where to buy?

1) Transportation Information Center (Bus Ticket Counter)

Operating hour

7:00〜20:00(*Express bus ticket not available here)

2) Hokutetsu Bus Ticket Office(Hokutetsu Ekimae Center)

At bus stop number 2 area.

Operating hour



To note:

  • Board the bus at the rear
  • push the buzzer before alighting
  • put in the fare at the farebox before getting off
  • Show the one day pass to the driver before alight

Kanazawa Loop Bus (LL)

Kanazawa Loop Bus (LL) (RL)Adult (JPY)Child (JPY)
One Day
One way trip200100

Kenroku Shuttle

Kenroku ShuttleAdult (JPY)Child (JPY)
One Day Pass500300
One way trip

Bus route

At the back of the ticket, you are able to see the bus route available. (Only in Japanese)

Click on the image below to have more details of the bus route and time schedule.

At the bus terminal, you can check out the bus stop number, where it will bring you and lastly the departure time. To make it simple for all to understand JR buses boarding area will be at number 4 and 5, Tourist loop bus/ Kenroku shuttle will be 6 and 7.

The information board is easy to understand.


Get the one day pass only when you are planning to visit more than 3 tourist attraction in a day.

Kanazawa Light-Up Bus

The Kanazawa Light-Up Bus only runs on Saturday evenings and will stop at 16 illuminated sightseeing locations over the course of a 43-minute circuit, that includes Higashi Chaya District, KenrokuenGarden, Kanazawa Castle Park. etc.

Click on the image below for more information:

Where to buy?

Hokutetsu Ekimae Ticket Office (near the Kanazawa Station)
East Gate Bus Terminal #1,

Operating hours:

open until 8:00 p.m.


Every Saturday night after 19:00

**Except for 29 Dec 2018**

Other operating dates:

Apr 2018 ~ Mar 2019Standard RouteSpecial Route
6 Apr (Fri)
29 Apr (Sun)
6 Apr (Fri)
7 Apr (Sat)
28 Apr (Sat)
3 May (Thur)
4 May (Fri)
3 May (Thur)
4 May (Fri)
5 May (Sat)
1 Jun (Fri)1 Jun (Fri)
15 Jul (Sun)14 Jul (Sat)
10 Aug (Fri)10 Aug(Fri)
11 Aug (Sat)
16 Sep (Sun)
23 Sep (Sun)
15 Sep (Sat)
16 Sep (Sun)
22 Sep (Sat)
23 Sep (Sun)
7 Oct (Sun)6 Oct (Sat)
7 Oct (Sun)
23 Nov (Fri)3 Nov (Sat)
23 Nov (Fri)
24 Nov (Sat)
10 Feb 2019 (Sun)2 Feb 2019 (Sat)
9 Feb (Sat)


Unlimited ride 

500 JPY

250 JPY

One way 

300 JPY

150 JPY

** To Note:

This pass is separated from the one day pass. which means if you are interested in visiting the tourist attraction in the day and night after 19:00, you will need to get 2 passes (normal one day pass and the light up the pass)

JR Machi-Bus

The JR Machi-Bus or Kanazawa Shopping Liner is the bus service that runs only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. It stops at all the major shopping areas in Kanazawa such as Omicho Ichiba Market, Korinbo, Katamachi and Tatemachi shopping streets. It also brings tourist to a few of the popular tourist attractions such as Oyama Jinja Shrine, Hirosaka museum district, and Kenrokuen Garden.

Source from: Kanazawa Kankoukyoukai



100 JPY


50 JPY

How to board?



Where to board?

Kanazawa Station East Gate Bus Terminal

Bus stop number 5

Operating hour:

Saturdays, Sundays & holidays only
09:40 ~ 17:40 (every 20 min.)
18:00 ~ 20:00 (every 30 min.)

Click on the image below, for more information (Only available in Japanese)

2- cents opinion:

Although it seems that the cost of the fare is slightly cheaper than the one day pass and you will only need to have your IC Card to board the bus which can be quite convenient for tourist who is already holding onto it. However, this bus only available for the weekend and it depends on the places you are planning to visit and if it is worth the cost.

Other buses available

Flat bus (Only in Japanese)

JR West bus  (Only in Japanese)

*The pass that can use for JR West Bus:

Japan Rail Pass

Kansai-Hokuriku Area Pass

Hokuriku Area Pass

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