[Eat] Japan, Kawaguchiko- Houtou fudou (名物ほうとう不動)

The famous and must eat the local delicacy when you are at Kawaguchiko. Houtou noodle the traditional food that can only be found at the Fuji Lake area. It was known for its freshness and finest of ingredient served in the pot.

The outlet that we went is one of the most convenient restaurants situated in front of the train station. You could just drop by to have a meal there.


The one that we went is Kawaguchiko Ekimae.

There are other outlets around Kawaguchiko, there is one that I felt a need to introduce but a little far away, however, if you are staying there for a night. You could head over to this outlet at Higashi Koiji road, which was design by a famous architect company in Japan Takeshi Hosaka.


(Source: Takeshi Hosaka Architects)

〒401-0301 Yamanashi-ken, Minamitsuru-gun, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Funatsu, 2458

Operating Hours:


**On weekday if you are planning to head down after 16:00, kindly make a call to check on the closing time of the restaurant.


1,000Yen- 1,500 Yen


** English menu available

Table setting:

What we had?


Basashi (Raw Horse Meat):


The houtou was fantastic I love the noodle and most importantly the soup is not too salty but a combination of sweetness from all the vegetable stew. As for the basashi, it was not as delicious as the one that I had in Kumamoto. Was a little disappointed but we know that it was not the main dish there, so… if you wanted to have a taste of basashi, you would want to head over to Kumamoto instead.

Things to note:

Do not touch the hot pot surface, when it is served.

Houtou noodle comes in quite a large portion, you could share it if you wanted to.


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