[Move] Japan, Nagoya- IC Card and One Day Pass Transportation Guide

This post will be a simple transportation guide for travellers travelling to Nagoya for the first time. I will be covering on how to purchase the IC card and the Nagoya 1 day tickets to help you save some money for your trip.

Purchase IC Card (TOICA)

TOICA (トイカ)  is the acronym of “TOkai Ic CArd”. It is JR Central’s rechargeable contactless smart card ticketing system.

Purchase of the IC Card is available at any JR station/subway station in Japan according to their region and operator. If you are holding onto any one of the IC card shown below, you are able to use it to travel around Japan.

The following 10 cards are compatible with each other:

Source: hankyu

Where to buy?

Any JR Ticket machines showing the TOICA logo.

OR Ticket counter at the subway stations.


1,500JPY+500JPY(Refundable deposit)=2,000JPY

**500JPY will be refunded to you once the card is returned **

Return of card

  • Bring the IC card to the ticket office of the issuing operator.
  • Refund of unused credit is available, however, a 220JPY handling fee will be charged from the remaining balance.
  • If you are holding onto a Pasmo card,  no charges will be applied for the handling fee for refund of unused credit.
  • IC cards are to be returned to the issuing company. For instance, You are not able to return a Suica card in Osaka or an Icoca card in Tokyo.

How to purchase an IC Card?

Step by step guide:

Tap on the English menu page at the right-hand corner.

Chose the Toica sign on the left column

“Purchase a new IC Card”

Choose the 2,000Yen option:

Insert money

Collect your card and change

Toica card

Areas not covered

Crossover of different areas or to ride outside of each area is not possible.

For more information, please visit TOICA Japan Central (Japanese only).

One day pass in Nagoya city

The 1-Day Tickets allow unlimited rides for a day and it will be a good buy if you are planning to visit a few places in one day.

How many types of 1 day pass in Nagoya?

There are 6 types of 1-Day Tickets.

Where to buy?

Subway ticket machine

Other places:

  • iCenter at Oasis 21
  • Kanayama Tourist Information Center
  • aboard city buses
  • stationmaster office

To note:

  • 1-Day Tickets is only limited to city buses.
  • Ticket are able to use for the Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus, except for Subway ticket.
  • These tickets are not applicable to board the Yutorito Line, Meitetsu buses, the Aonami Line, or the Linimo train.


1-Day ticket Fare (JPY) Applicable line Day/Date
Adult Child Subway Bus Sightseeing Route Bus "Me~guru"
Donichi Eco Kippu 600 300 Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and on the 8th day of each month
SHORYUDO Nagoya Subway & Bus (Only applicable for Non-Japanese passport holders) 600 Daily
Bus & Subway ticket 850 430 Daily
Subway ticket 740 370 - - Daily
Bus ticket 600 300 - Daily
Sightseeing Route Bus Me~guru 500 250 - - Daily

How to purchase?

Tap on the English button, and the steps will be the same as how you purchase the IC card. Quite simple to use.

Use the manaca machine that is on the right.

The weekend eco ticket:

How to use the ticket?

Slot in through the automated ticket gate and retrieve it

The valid date will be printed at the back of the ticket:

For more information, visit Nagoya Info- 1 Day Ticket.

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