[Eat] Japan, Nikko- Yuba Soba Ryori at Tsuruya ChuZenji Ten

When you visit Nikko there is one dish that you shouldn’t miss, the [Yuba soba] this could be found everywhere around the street of Nikko.

Little to know:

Yuba(湯波) is known as tofu skin. There are 2 major cities in Japan, Nikko, and Kyoto, which are famous for their yuba.   It was originally from Kyoto and then to Nikko, this dish was served to the monks in the past and now is their local traditional delicacy.

Soba(そば), the buckwheat noodles is another delicacy that you shouldn’t miss it. The well-known soba town,  held a soba festival yearly during the autumn, in Imaichi. Where all the soba restaurants in the country will participate in. And the reason for their famous buckwheat noodles is because of the handmade noodles,  using high-quality buckwheat and clean water supplied from the feet of the mountains.

Tsuruya ChuZenji Ten

As we were behind our schedule time, my plan for having our lunch at a famous soba restaurant was canceled. We were all hungry when alighted near the Kegon waterfall, and saw this restaurant which looks decent on the outside and with a big word yuba ryori at the front so without hesitation, we went in. It is a restaurant and souvenir store combined. On the left, are all the souvenirs and dry food you could buy back home, on the right is a small restaurant selling the famous yuba soba.


〒321-1661, Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1661, Japan

Operating Hours:





The ordering of food is at the cashier counter.

English X

Japanese O

**Not to worry every item will have photos shown below it

What we had?

Yuba Udon Don (Soup):

Yuba Soba Zaru (Dry)

Add 100 Yen for a cup of hot cocoa:

Yuba Soba don(Soup):

Famous dessert in Nikko 1 for 100 Yen, Cheese Egg:


The set meal was good and even though the noodle seems normal, however, it was filling. The noodles in Nikko looks different from what we always had, their noodle is flat and thick like our “mee-pok”, which is quite cute. The Yuba is slightly different from Kyoto too, the Nikko Yuba is slightly thicker, which I find it to be juicier.

I would recommend getting the Cheese egg, for your dessert is delicious.

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